Miku’s Big Thanksgiving Day 2012 at Tokyo Dome City Hall

Sega recently announced that in 2012, there will be two concerts held on consecutive days at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. Sega is collaborating with MAGES(5pb) to bring this event to Tokyo on 3/8 and 3/9. There will also be an afternoon concert and an evening concert on both days. The first day (3/8) will be a Miku’s Live Party (MikuPa) 2012 live show, while the second day (3/9) is Miku’s (Thanks)Giving Day. Both afternoon shows open at 13:00 and start at 14:00, while the evening shows open at 18:00 and start at 19:00 Japan time. Tickets cost 6,300 each concert and sales begin on January 28th 2012 at 10:00 Japan time. There will also be a web raffle to win a chance to get the tickets early starting on November 23rd at 12:00, and ending on December 12th at 21:00. Hit the break to see the official video that Sega has released.

It is not really clear on whether or not these two concerts will be 100% new material, this should be new. It is also not known whether or not they will stream it live on Nicovideo/NicoNico, however if there is news about that, I will let you know.

Source: Sega PJD Blog, Official 39’s Giving Day HP

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21 thoughts on “Miku’s Big Thanksgiving Day 2012 at Tokyo Dome City Hall”

    1. I believe it is for the final concert of the whole festival. I doubt that it will be the final concert that they ever do.

        1. No, it was only labeled final on the last concert on the second day, which is probably where Crunchy Roll got that from. No where else is it mentioned that this will be the final concert ever made. And really… Sega missing a chance to make money? Not gonna happen.

          1. but SEGA and crypton are splitting after this so if not the last LAST, it will be a LONG time until another.

  1. Do you think that there will be another showing of the live concert in cinemas in the US again? That was so fun, I hope they’ll do it again soon! >w<

    1. Yes, I do believe that they will simultaneously stream it to theaters however it is up to live viewing Japan to organize it and make it happen. Although if it had a Nico live, I don’t think it will be similcasted until a later date.

  2. Even though I’m 11, I hope that once I’m old enough to drive and stuff like that, that more vocaloid concerts are shown in America. Well that’s somthing I hope for. DON’T WORRY SEGA, YOU STILL HAVE 15 MORE YEARS! ūüôā

    1. “rumor” has it that SEGA and crypton are splitting after this so it very well might be the last concert for a LONG time.

    1. no, you have to have a japanese mailing address for them to send the tickets to. they wont accept anything outside of japan. sorry.

  3. they forgot to mention that there is a limit of 4 tickets per person that can be purchased. so with that being said if you have a connection in japan that will go to a lawsons to buy tickets they can only get a max of 4. im hoping that with 2 concerts per day there will be less chance of it being sold out¬†immediately. so get any connections you have¬†together¬†and buy them. at only 6300 yen that’s about $82 american so no biggie.

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