Full Aoki Lapis Demo “Daydream Flight” Released!

Recently released was a full demo of the i-style Project, Aoki Lapis, based off the Vocaloid 3 Engine entitled “Daydream Flight”. There is still no news on a solid release date or pricing yet, and keep in mind that this is 5% from completion, so it is not the final product.

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13 thoughts on “Full Aoki Lapis Demo “Daydream Flight” Released!”

  1. I’m sorry. I know we hate comments like this but, she just doesn’t sound original to me. If I heard this with out being told who it was, I’d say it was Rin. And, I still dislike the gem on her head. The song was nice though.

  2. guess I’m the only one who likes her. She is very clear sounding to me and something that I haven’t heard before. 

    1. I love it. AND SHE GOT HER OWN VOICE. Don’t compare her to other Vocaloids or Utauloids. Aoki Lapis is Aoki Lapis.  Hatsune Miku/Kagamine Rin is Hatsune Miku/Kagamine Rin.

  3. She sounds very clear~! But, just like a less tomboyish Rin…but the way her voice dips at some points is very realistic. With some touching up, it’d be hard to distinguish her from an actual human singing. The only problem is, everyone’d think it was a seven year old singing =_=

  4. She’s cute. I like her design. Her voice kinda reminds me of a Miku and Rin lovechild though. I’ve never said this about a Vocaloid, ever, but something about her voice reminds me so much of them. .. But, this is nearly 5% from completion! I hope her voice gets more difference (and a lower pitch… If tis is her normal voice she may sound higher than Miku!) She has a lot of potential. 😀

  5. Not impressed. I like how it’s clear, but this is just going for the fandom. Her design looks “moe-esque” and she has that high little girl voice. If she was just more lower, she could compete with Miku, but since Miku can reach that range, and pretty much almost every vocaloid user has her… Aoki won’t sell too well. 

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