Vocaloid 3: CUL Official Illustration and Demo

Internet Co. Ltd has released final information about CUL, including its release date, and official box art/illustration.

CUL was originally designed as a mascot for VocaRevo (Vocalo Revolution) and VY1 was used as the voice. However, with the announcement of Vocaloid 3, CUL was announced to get her own voicebank too, voiced by Eri Kitamura. CUL also received her own illustration below.

Image Source: Internet Co. Ltd Website

A demo song is available on CUL’s Official website here. Click on the green button to stream it on an audio player capable of streaming WMA audio files. More illustrations will also be available in the future.

CUL’s language is Japanese, the recommended range is F2~F4 and the recommended tempo is 60~175BPM. The official release date for CUL is December 22nd 2011.

Source: CUL’s Official Internet Co. Ltd Website

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15 thoughts on “Vocaloid 3: CUL Official Illustration and Demo”

  1. I’m kind of half and half on this new, skimpier outfit that she’s got here.  I’m also getting a distinctively… Akatsuki feel to this one.  Well, we all know the fanart will be better than the original from hereon in.

  2. In my opinion, the official design for CUL is definitely better than her debut design in sense that it’s much more distinctive, although it lacks some originality and is as inadequate as GUMI(V3)’s design. 😛

  3. desing is bad… remember me too much of others… lili + luka and some others mixed… why didn´t they try a better design i know there are a lot update for v3 but the design are already old or looks very similar i wish really for something new.

  4. With Lapis and Rion’s higher, moe, type of vocals, people who were complaining about wanting more deeper sounding Vocaloids now get to enjoy Mew and CUL.  Maybe now they can quit whining.

    I see they went with a sort of tough girl, rocker / punk style for CUL’s design.  Matches her voice, though.  Her colors and that design on the shoulder of her coat reminds me of the Taiwanese variant of Big Al.

    As for her vocal quality, anyone else notice she doesn’t seem to pronounce some consonants very clearly?  Also she sounds robotic like the first gen Vocaloids, in certain places.  That’s a bit worrisome about her overall quality.  Not nearly on par with GUMI V3.  At least for this demo, I am disappoint.

    1. no its that, it is that cul voice is that damn awful and only made one good song (lost memory) but on the hand mew is a deciant vocaloid and vocaloid is taking thing too far with the series. no hard feeling okay.

  5. I as well thought of the Akatsuki when I saw her outfit XD BUT YOU KNOW WAT I loooooooove her voice, it’s a nice break from all the high-pitch squeaky girly moe voices. It sounds like a nicer version of Lily to me <3

    1. I also thought of the Akatsuki thing too. Also, ikr? Her voice is low-pitched but I like it, considering other female Vocaloids sound too squeaky to me.

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