New Oliver Demo and More!

A new demo for Oliver came out recently. It is undeniably more upbeat than his previous demos and has a PV (in which a fellow Engloid makes a cameo)!

Original video description:
A more cheerful and silly Oliver demo~! It even comes with a PV!

Song Title: Dinky Dink No Time To Think
Song/VSQ: Sopop (originally sung by Sonika)
Art/PV: Lawlietlk

Also, by popular demand, a FULL version of his Scarborough Fair cover can now be marveled at!

Listen to Oliver’s first two demos here: New Vocaloid 3 Oliver English Demos!


Aside from the new demo, the people at VocaTone are certainly keeping the fans in mind.  Oliver’s artist, lawlietlk, has released a reference sheet.  This should be useful for you Miku Miku Dance model makers out there!

You can download the reference sheet in its full size at lawlietlk’s deviant art here:


Lastly, we can now follow Oliver and his feathered friend on twitter!  You can now get status updates from Oliver himself, and even talk to him!  Let’s see if he lets his release date slip for us!  Follow him now!!/vocaloid_oliver


For those who prefer facebook, don’t forget to like his page for official updates and occasionally featured fan creations!

New Information Regarding Oliver’s Software!

Oliver will come with VOCALOID EDITOR Lite! Here is the list of functions the editor will have, which can also be seen on Power-FX’s website:

Piano-roll style note editor, importing functionality from a standard MIDI file (limited for 1 track and 17 bars)
Inputting lyrics and automatic conversion to phonemes
Assigning musical expression templates from an Icon Palette
Sending notes, lyrics and musical expression to the Synthesis Engine as set forth below and activating synthesis
Saving vocal data as a wave file
Changing synthesis parameters
Effects (Reverb only)
Playback .wav files

The minimum requirements that your computer may have in order to get along with Oliver have also been released!

OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
CPU: Celeron Dual Core 2.1GHz or more
RAM: 1GB or more
HDD: 200MB free space or more

Now it seems all we need is a release date!

“…we’re releasing him a tad later than we originally intended, but I think we’ll still manage to release him before Christmas.”

– From the official facebook page for Oliver, in response to another user’s comments. Let’s cheer them on! You can do it!

12 thoughts on “New Oliver Demo and More!”

    1. You mean in Dinky Dink? I actually understood every word, and I never listened to the original song (it was originally a Sonika demo, I just never listened to it because I thought “dinky dink” sounded stupid).

          1. I undersand it but I can understand why people struggle.  Its slow pcced and has long  drawn out note.

    1. He’s not a pirate. If you’ve been keeping up, his outfit is based on the Vienna Boys’ Choir (I know the name has Vienna in it, not sure) uniform. The bandages are a homage to PowerFX Vocaloids to go along with the monster theme.

  1. I have hope for Oliver, I can understand what he’s saying. Maybe he can help ease the transition of English Vocaloids to get more popular.

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