YAMAHA compiles list of VOCALOID3 winter releases

VOCALOID3 winter lineup

YAMAHA has posted on their site a list of upcoming VOCALOID3-related releases for the winter season which include pricing and release dates. TONE RION, SeeU, VOCALOID-P data series vol.2, Yuzuki Yukari and CUL are arriving in December, and IA is arriving in January.

Here is a more detailed translation of the information from YAMAHA’s website along with some background on each item.

  • TONE RION is a VOCALOID3 library envisioned by Dear Stage (an entertainment bar in Akihabara well-known for their performing idols who also cook for you) with production and sales by YAMAHA. She will be released on December 16 in both standalone (9800 JPY) and VOCALOID3 Editor bundle (17800 JPY) formats.
  • SV01 SeeU is a Korean VOCALOID3 library produced by SBS ARTECH Co., Ltd and imported by YAMAHA into Japan. SeeU will be available on December 16 as well with a 14800 JPY price for standalone and a 21800 JPY price for the editor bundle.
  • VOCALOID3 VOCALOID-P data series vol.2 is the second in a series of song data releases from YAMAHA. The previous release included the original .vsqx (VOCALOID song data) file as well as backing instrumentals and a downmixed sample for several songs:
    • Paradichlorobenzene by OwataP
    • Koiiro Byoutou by OSTER Project
    • Rosetta by 10daysP
    • GALLOWS BELL by buzzG
    • Electric Love by 8#Prince

    The second volume will come out on December 16 for 3000 JPY, the same price as the first volume.

  • Yuzuki Yukari is a project by VOCALOMAKETS (a group of VOCALOID producers who teamed together to create their own VOCALOID) with production and sales handled by AH-Software. Her tagline is “She unites you all with her voice,” and she will be released as a standalone release for 11800 JPY on December 22.
  • CUL (pronounced more like “cull” than “cool”) is a project by the VocaloRevolution Production Committee with production and sales by INTERNET Co., Ltd. This VOCALOID3 library is voiced by singer and voice actress Eri Kitamura and will be released on December 22 as well in both standalone (11340 JPY) and bundle (17640 JPY) versions.
  • IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- (pronounced yi-ah) is a VOCALOID3 library based on Lia’s voice and produced by 1st PLACE, Inc. This library will go on sale on January 27 with a price of 12800 JPY for the standalone and 19800 JPY for the bundle version.

14 thoughts on “YAMAHA compiles list of VOCALOID3 winter releases”

  1. It makes sense now that Rion is inspired by the cooking maids. At first I thought they were just going for a generic maid archetype with a futuristic touch when designing her…

    I’m very excited about Yukari and Ia. CUL needs a better demo to show her real potential, so I can’t really tell what I think about her yet. However, I like that she has a mature voice.

  2. Is it just me or all V3 Vocaloids sounds almost the same to common folks ears? I mean there is no distinct quality to differentiate between one another…you could easily differentiate between Miku and Rin, Rin and Len..but the V3? Sounds same..but maybe it just me~

    1. Improvements to both engine and sampling practices mean the standard is higher quality then with Vocaloid and Vocaloid 2.  This means bad voicebanks are harder to tell, but are still there none the less.  One such voicebank is SeeU’s Japanese one. 

  3. IA and SeeU seem the most promising right now, and IA’s demo is easily the best of them all.
    That being said, I’m a bit disappointed in the Vocaloid 3 designs. Almost all of them seem too stuffed and generic. I mean, they’re well drawn, yes, but somehow look really ama.teurish

  4. Meh, why are they releasing so many voicebanks at once? That’s actually helping Crypton with CV-04, since everyone can barely keep up with these new ones. Everyone is mostly focusing on Crypton since they’ve been the quiet ones throughout this entire madness. I just hope (though I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen) that these voicebanks get more original songs, otherwise they will end up only singing covers. (Don’t believe me? 90% of the songs from AH Vocaloid 2 are covers on the western fandom.)

  5. IA sounds so insanely human-like! I love her design too~ Her voice sounds kinda…like familiar, but the quality is impeccable!

    Oh and sorry, but I really dislike CUL’s box art.

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