Happy 1st Birthday, Utatane Piko!

うたたね誕!!! by しのωの∪@ついった
うたたね誕!!! by しのωの∪@ついった

Today marks the first anniversary of the shota Vocaloid, Utatane Piko. Please read on to help us celebrate.

The first Vocaloid released by Sony, Piko was voiced by the popular Nico Nico Singer, Piko (his full name translates to “sound of singer Piko”). His artwork was created by YukitA and was modeled after the original singer’s hairstyle, but with a ahoge shaped like a “P.” His outfit uses various design elements of a guitar.

While he is labeled as a male, his voicebank can be made to sound either male or female, though default he lends more toward a feminine sounding male.

Lets take a look at some of the videos that have been uploaded to celebrate this day.

“Voice Drop” by 清-saya-

“つつみ込むように… (Cover)” by tama_3

“マジLOVE1000% (Cover)” by ムシ

“Lost Butterfly” by 果無 (also feat. KAITO)

“Pygmalion (Cover)” by ひるくれ みお@RainP (also feat. miki)

“Senbon Zakura (Cover)” by (also feat. VY2)

“Young Mental” by routube (also feat. Kagamine Len)

You can search for more birthday videos by searching this tag on NND.

Next lets view some lovely illustrations.

歌手音ピコ・リップシンク用絵 by ひかわ・K1
歌手音ピコ・リップシンク用絵 by ひかわ・K1
うたたねさんの誕生日 by 負ケ犬o
うたたねさんの誕生日 by 負ケ犬o
歌手音たんハッピーバースデー! by 三嗚@ついったー
歌手音たんハッピーバースデー! by 三嗚@ついったー
歌手音ピコ一周年おめでとうございます!!!!!! by 如月弥生
歌手音ピコ一周年おめでとうございます!!!!!! by 如月弥生
うたたねたん一周年 by 白雪
うたたねたん一周年 by 白雪
うたたねたん by 夢乃
うたたねたん by 夢乃

You can find more Piko drawings by following this tag on pivix.

Thanks for joining us to celebrate Piko’s first year and we hope to see more from him in the future!

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9 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Utatane Piko!”

  1. While it’s true you can make Piko sound female, that is true of ANY Vocaloid, by adjusting the GEN factor. Hence the existence of genderbends. (Mikuo, Meito, etc.) So you calling attention to that fact might lead readers to believe the wrong thing– that he was intended to be both male and female sounding right out of the box– when that’s not true at all. Therefore, you should probably take that line out.

    1. Utatane Piko’s voice has the capability of being both because his voice provider, Piko, is a trap singer. He can reach the low notes of a male and the high notes of a female. His gender is perceived as male by his voice provider so that shows that he probably is and is a trap singer like his voice provider. So actually, it is supposed to sound that way.

  2. @Mikey I don’t really understand your problem, personally. Many people refer to Piko and Len as Shota…So? :V
    @random anon Although that’s true. It’s also true that one of the things that Sony liked about the singer, Piko, was that he could sould like a female or male. It was a huge thing about Piko. I don’t think that line needs to be taken out.

    I think that this was a really nice article! I love how it has so many pictures and videos! I’ll watch them on my next break >w<b I can't believe I forgot about Piko's birthday. Now I want to bake a cake or something to celebrate!!

  3. I agree with Mikey, using shota to describe a voice is using wrong terminology. Shota is about the actual age of a person, not about the sound of someone’s voice. He might not sound masculine, but he’s only a shota when he’s 12 years old or younger. 

    1.   That’s so not true. Shota is by appearance–not age. You could have a thirty year old anime character that looks like a little boy called Shota. He looks like a young boy and so he can be called ‘Shota.’ This can’t be the first time you’ve heard Piko referenced to as a Shota. Besides, Piko, the Vocaloid’s age has not been released. For all you know, he is 12 years or younger. We simply don’t know. We could have fan speculation over his age, or perhaps he’s supposed to be as old as the singer, Piko. But, we can’t know for certain unless Sony announces it.  

      1. I’m sorry, but:

        Shota:   A
        young boy, usually between 5 and 13, typically in Japanese anime/manga. These
        characters are cute, short, and innocent. In most yaoi, they are blonde. While
        they do attract a fair size male audience, females are more drawn to them. (Urban Dictionairy)Even if the term is used wrongly in the Western fandom, this is the actual correct way of using shota. And if you do not know someone’s age, you cannot call this person a shota. No offence, but it’s just as wrong as calling an apple a pear.

        1. Urban Dictionary is not a very good source. Shota is an aesthetic. Here I’ll quote wiki, which is not a great source either, but they have an actual book cited for this: “It can also apply to postpubescent (adolescent or adult) characters with youthful neotenic features that would make them appear to be younger than they are.” Another example would be Honey from Ouran. In this series, he’s 17, but he uses the shotacon angle as his charm in the host club. It’s the _look_ that matters.

  4. So, Piko is an over sexualized little boy used for sexual things?
    I have lost all respect for this website. If you want to see “shota” Google image the word with the censors off, please, and see what you just called Piko

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