Tone Rion demo song posted

Tone Rion package design YAMAHA has now added Tone Rion, a VOCALOID3 voice bank produced by entertainment bar Dear Stage, to its lineup on its website along with a preliminary package design. A demo song titled “Thousand Regrets” is now available for listening as well, embedded on the webpage as a YouTube video. According to the website, Rion is a 16-year-old girl who traveled back in time 100 years to arrive in modern day (2011) Akihabara, wanting to become an idol at any costs and asking to work at Dear Stage. A “special nasal and youthful voice never done before with VOCALOID” is touted as one of her charms. The website lists her vocal range to be from A2 to F4 and her tempo range as 60 BPM to 140 BPM. Tone Rion’s character design was done by Watanabe Akio, who has lent his hand in character designs for such works as Nurse Witch Komugi-chan and the animated adaptation of Bakemonogatari. While the YAMAHA website is in Japanese, Tone Rion’s own website has Chinese and English translations for parts of it.

UPDATE (2011/12/13): More sample songs have been posted, and Tone Rion now has her own official Twitter account in addition to the normal info account.

4 thoughts on “Tone Rion demo song posted”

  1. Leave it to Peperon to make any Vocaloid sound great along with great music. As mentioned, she does have that nasal quality to her voice so it does make her rather unique and quick to identify.

    As for her back story about wanting to be an idol, she kind of missed by 4 years.  I mean come on, she had a time machine for cryin’ out loud!  How could she have not known when MIku debuted?  Maybe a future English Miku sabotaged the machine or edited her own wiki article.  If it was the work of an insidious MIku, she’ll stop at nothing to remain the undisputed Virtual Idol.

    Good luck with your quest there, Rion.  You’ve got a tall mountain to climb … But hey, you’re still cute as a button even with your painfully tall high heel boots.

  2. Okay this is great and all but you guys seem to have forgotten about Yuzuki Yukari’s 10 demos, all of which can be found a while ago.

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