Google Chrome Japanese ad features Miku

In its continuing series of commercials featuring artists such as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, the Japanese Google Chrome YouTube account has now posted an ad about Google Chrome featuring the whole social network that revolves around Hatsune Miku and VOCALOID, with livetune’s new song Tell Your World playing in the background. The video features footage starting from the original music creators and then goes through shots of illustrators, 3D modelers and video uploaders. Shots of various videos and MikuBook also flash by, and even a snippet of the Mikunopolis concert is shown. At the end, the credit roll starts with “Hatsune Miku, Virtual Singer” and ends with “Everyone, Creator”, with “start your web” as the final message.

UPDATE: kz from livetune has posted a teaser of an upcoming music video for Tell Your World as well as a minute snippet(removed due to various circumstances). This commercial is going to be shown on TV as well.

19 thoughts on “Google Chrome Japanese ad features Miku”

  1. Absolutely wonderful, the guys at Google managed to summarize the Vocaloid concept in less than 1mn and on top of that in an ad for their browser.

  2. Oh, the art of Vocaloid. Connects so many amazing people, and is powerful enough to catch the attention of Google and be placed in one of their ads. VOCALOID FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Guys have you noticed the stats for the Video on Google Japan’s official channel ?

    Ad with Bieber: 125k views in one month
    Ad with Gaga: 495k views in three month
    Ad with Miku: 100k views in LESS THAN ONE DAY !

  4. kz … shut up and take my money! 😀

    Love this ad.  Google fits perfectly with the whole concept of
    Vocaloid.  We all know the success of Miku and Vocaloid hinges on the
    internet. What do we use to access the internet so we can listen and
    watch latest Vocaloid music and videos and collaborate with fellow
    artists?  A browser, not a flippin’ car …

  5. Hmmm… this is definitely a really well made ad. But we should not put Toyota down no matter what you think of theirs. You should be thankful a big corporation like Toyota is partnering with Crypton, which has no chance of making an impact in North America by itself.

  6. This video has already had more than 800k views, I expect it to reach 1mil in a few more days.
    Can’t stop replaying this >.< ミクミク

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