GUMI joins the Project mirai gang

Matryoshka and Happy Synthesizer

The official website for Project DIVA has now confirmed that GUMI will indeed appear in the upcoming 3DS rhythm game, Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai after images of a pre-release copy of this Friday’s Famitsu magazine circulated on the Internet earlier. This makes her the first non-Crypton official VOCALOID to join the SEGA party. Matryoshka and Happy Synthesizer will be two songs with GUMI in it that will be featured in the upcoming game, along with Sakasama Rainbow and Mousou Sketch. The post also shows off the basic costumes for Nendoroid-inspired character models, as well as special costumes for Sakasama Rainbow and Mousou Sketch. Previous posts also show off the pre-order bonus tote as well as proclaim that the Project DIVA series on PSP has now sold a total of one million copies.

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