More incoming IA songs

Cover of IA/00Two more songs using a beta version of IA has been released. Both are rock songs and have tweaked gender settings (there is a setting in VOCALOID software to tweak formant positions, which changes how male or female a voicebank sounds). The first song, Headphone Actor, is by Jin (ShizenNoTekiP) and has gender tweaked to 45. The second song, Shounen wa Kyoushitsu ga Kirai Datta no Da, is by Ishiburo with a gender value of 25. Furthermore, Queens Label, Lia’s record label, is releasing a two-disc set titled IA/00 at the Visual Art’s booth during Comiket 81. One disc will be a compilation of songs sung by IA, with many styles ranging from rock and pop to trance and healing music. The other (bonus) disc is by Lia and includes her cover of Meteo, which was supposedly quite hard to sing.

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