Crypton opens Miku YouTube channel

Hatsune Miku Official Channel

Crypton Future Media has now opened the official Hatsune Miku channel on YouTube. There are four videos (Aikotoba, Uraomote Lovers, StargazeR and Koisuru VOC@LOID footage from 39’s Giving Day) uploaded on that channel currently, along with several playlists pointing to other videos such as promotional videos for KarenT releases and Toyota/Google advertisements. In their press release, Crypton stated that they opened this channel in order to further enhance rapport between creators, fans and listeners after witnessing a phenomenon where fans not only listened to the music, but also took part in creating derivative works themselves in this chain of creation, known as the Hatsune Miku movement. Furthermore, they have received the consent of the approximately 500 VOCALOID creators with the record label KarenT to register their works with YouTube’s content management system so that Crypton can receive a portion of the proceeds from videos which use those works and pass them onto the original creators.

4 thoughts on “Crypton opens Miku YouTube channel”

    1. They can’t open a general “VOCALOID” channel because they do not own VOCALOID; Yamaha does.  I guess this channel name is a compromise so that they don’t need to name their channel “Meiko Kaito Miku Rin/Len Luka Channel” or something XD;

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