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With IA songs doing fairly well in daily and weekly VOCALOID rankings, a new song using the beta of IA has been released (this one also using a gender value of 64), freesia, a house track by MisoshiruP (Kenichi Chiba). Furthermore, nioP’s Yumemigokochi from the IA demo tracks trailer is also up on Nico Nico Douga now. IA is currently available for preorder on YAMAHA’s website. In slightly related news, Lia herself also sang Meteo (and there’s an IA cover as well), which will be included in the IA/00 2CD set for Comiket. It also happened to be her birthday today (the 20th of December); happy birthday! Lastly, some fun things and wacky hijinks have been happening with Nhato’s Asu no Hikari and Taishi’s Falling Apart.

UPDATE: Vegemix Beats (katsu and Sumijun) has uploaded a eurobeat song featuring IA, titled Feel Happiness~birth~.
UPDATE 2: The track list for the IA/00 album is now up along with samples for all the tracks except the karaoke ones. In addition to the tracks that have been revealed so far, there will also be a track called Lost Summer (5th track) by Kobayashi Onyx (of Saihate fame) and Melody (8th track) by KurumiJun, who has previously made one “Mikunopop” track before.

As for the Nhato and Taishi shenanigans — some commenters wrote “promising rookie” and even tagged the video as such. Now, Nhato is actually a professional musician with Otographic Music, so he was very amused by it and ended up locking the tag. Subsequent tags followed, such as “Hey teach, that’s not what you’re supposed to lock!” In the end, someone put up “PromisingRookieP” as a tag and that got locked as well, so it appears that Nhato now has his own VOCALOID monicker. Other amusing things include the fact that he had uploaded the video with the tag “Taishi” locked, who happens to be his friend who also uploaded his own IA song at the same time. He also wrote the credits in his video description like this:

  • Composition: Me
  • Arrangement: Me
  • Lyrics: Me
  • Vocals: IA-sama
  • Everyone’s warm comments: Priceless

Now the recent turn of events is even more amusing, since Taishi and Nhato decided to sing each other’s songs, so you can hear Taishi belt out Asu no Hikari and Nhato serenade Falling Apart. The video description for the former goes:

  • Composition & Arrangement & Lyrics: Nhato
  • Vocals: Super Me
  • That disgusting voice: Sorry
  • Totally awesome: Mr. PitchCorrector
  • To Nhato: Totally didn’t think Skype audio could be used this way

and for the latter, the description went:

  • Composition & Arrangement & Lyrics: Taishi
  • Vocals: Totally Me
  • Skype: Recording at full throttle
  • Totally awesome: All adlibbed
  • Everyone’s cold stares: Priceless

For Nhato’s take on Falling Apart, he and Taishi decided to have a Skype conversation (about the lengths of Taishi’s intro, outro and instrumental break in this song) to fill up the super long intro (which Taishi and a lot of trance artists love to use) as well as the outro, and then for the instrumental break, he started singing at the top of his lungs with adlibbed lines such as “Taishi is totally totally totally like awesome” and “The intro is totally super long, and the break is also like totally long, oh man…”

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