Yuzuki Yukari crossfade and design sketches posted

small picture of the sketches

In preparation for her going on sale on the 22nd, a roughly eight-minute crossfade of several (previously uploaded) Yuzuki Yukari songs have been posted on the VOCALOMAKETS site as well a set of design sketches by her character designer Ayakura Juu, which include amongst other things a picture of a fluffy bunny tail popping out to match the rest of her bunny-inspired outfit and an armband with “She unites you all with her voice.” written on the inside.

3 thoughts on “Yuzuki Yukari crossfade and design sketches posted”

  1. It sucks that small rumor  about her also being a ghost didn’t  catch on.
    It was intresting, made sense why she poofed out of the blue.

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