Unofficial UK Miku concert is in the works

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Inspired by a string of official (Crypton) VOCALOID concerts as well as an unofficial one (Prima Project), a team in the UK is planning to hold a free-admission VOCALOID concert in Scotland featuring Hatsune Miku. The project aims to produce a concert similar to the official ones that have taken place so far by projecting a video image of virtual singer(s) onto a transparent screen. This is currently still in the planning stage and they are looking for people to help out.

46 thoughts on “Unofficial UK Miku concert is in the works”

      1. Hi, MacroBlock here.

        Just to add, there are several venues we are looking at right now, Abertay is now the main one however.

    1. It would seem that the members holding it are simply volunteering and putting in effort for the good of others, and it does not infringe copyright because they do not profit from the show. If you’re asking how they’re going to do it (your wording was a bit confusing), this should answer your question. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. It doesn’t work that way. If I upload an album to YouTube, I may not be profiting from it but it still violates copyright.

        That said, I do support these guys and if I lived up there I’d gladly help out with it.

        1. No, if you upload an album to YouTube, but don’t put up download links or anything and say in the vid or description “Fair Use” it’s illegal to take it down, which means if they make no profit, and claim fair use, they can’t stop them ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. It seems to me that a project of this magnitude could not proceed without some sort of blessing (official or otherwise) from Crypton Future Media, even if no one is making a profit. ย To proceed without some sort of permission from Miku’s owners would run the risk of having Crypton pull the plug on this after volunteers have spent hundreds of hours work setting it up. Does anyone know what Crypton’s position is on this? ([email protected])

  2. I find it amusing that they’re having a Vocaloid concert in the UK called the Prima Project, yet it’s featuring Miku and will not include the Vocaloid Prima from the UK. >w>

    1. London gets pretty much every major event in the UK. No offence.

      Give some others a chance. just sayin

  3. Scotland……I am missing out….SOOO BAD!!! I just found out I missed TWO MIKU CINEMA SCREENING IN LONDON!!! AND NOW A FREE ADMITTANCE MIKU CONCERT IN SCOTLAND!!! Please bury me ๐Ÿ™ I’ll try to make it but please come to Wales ๐Ÿ™

  4. SCOTLAND YES YES YES YES!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’D please say its gonna be in Glasgow!! Thats close enough!!! :’D

  5. Please be in Glasgow, please be in Glasgow, please be in Glasgow~!!!!!!

    I wanna see my Luka-chan!!!!


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