Hello Snow Kitty Miku

Collaborative Chocolate from Sanrio and Crypton Future Media

If you like Snow Miku and Hello Kitty and will be in the Japanese island of Hokkaido during the Sapporo Snow Festival (or thereabouts, a release date has not been given) then you can pick up some nifty character goods.  Sanrio and Crypton Future Media have joined up to combine their two powerhouse characters into a Snow Miku x Hello Kitty line of merchandise that includes the above chocolate, charms, stationery, towels, socks, shirts, and more.  The catch is that all these goods will only be available in Hokkaido, so if you’re thinking that your favorite import store is going to have this in stock, you may be disappointed.

source: Anime News Network

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6 thoughts on “Hello Snow Kitty Miku”

  1. NO FAAAAIIRRR! I died when I saw these and found out that none of them would ever be mine! I want the charms, pen, mirror, plush, socks, shirts, towels, and the mug! Thats pretty much everything. T-T

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