Help Design Weatheroid

The picture site Nico Nico Seiga is hosting a contest to find the design for Weatheroid, a female forecaster for the weathernews site.  Much like the Vocaloids we know and love, this character will consist of voice data provided by WN reporter Airi Yamagishi.  The winning design will be used for the character’s launch date in April.  Interested parties can post their 10MB or smaller images on NNS through January 22.  Weatheroid Type-A’s stats are posted here or you could just go to the ANN article that was sourced for this post.  If you’re just interested in the pretty pictures, then Nico Nico Seiga is already compiling entries on this page.

Good luck and stay dry. :3

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2 thoughts on “Help Design Weatheroid”

  1. So is this going to be like Akikoloid-chan where chances of her being released publicly are slim to none? O.o

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