Tell Your World on March 14

An album containing the full version of kz’s song Tell Your World (featured in the Google Chrome Japan ad video on YouTube) is going to be released in Japan on March 14. The album will come with a total of 8 songs, including Far Away (from Project DIVA), Star Story (from Project DIVA) and Fly Out. The DVD+CD bundle will be priced at 1890 JPY and includes the music video for Tell Your World (a preview of which had been uploaded previously as well). The standard CD version will come in at 1575 JPY. As of writing, the DVD+CD bundle’s at #7 on the Amazon Japan anime song bestseller list and #36 for the music category overall.

UPDATE: It’s #1 on Amazon’s anime song rankings and #15 for music now.
UPDATE2: For those of you who can’t wait, the single is available for $1.29 on the US iTunes Store (among others) now and is currently the number one song on the Japanese iTunes Store.

5 thoughts on “Tell Your World on March 14”

  1. This album can’t come out soon enough. All full versions of Tell Your World I’ve found so far are pretty crappy quality, so I want the actual CD in my hands.

  2. I would rather have had an MP3, damn I’m sick of all this plastic and petrol consummed to ship material goods slowly when that could go so fast and so cleanly through the Internet.Well, based on the playlist I may very order it anyway, I have a long list of stuff still not available on HearJapan or AmazonMP3 (like Glorious World & Vocalodream for a start), this release may well expand my wishlist enough to increase the air pollution between Asia and Europe 😉
    *Open bookmarks -> CD Japan*

  3. …I uh. Somehow just bought/downloaded this from the Australian iTunes store despite it saying it was “released” March 14 2012? 0_o

    Edit: Ohhhh okay, the single got released first. Yet iTunes seems to think even the single is meant to be released 14 March. Weird stuff

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