Happy Birthday, Prima, LEON and LOLA!

Busy time of the year for Zero-G Engloids, as three of them are having their birthdays only one day apart. Join us to celebrate Prima, LEON and LOLA’s birthday!

Prima (E-CAPSULE redesign)

Let’s start with Prima. The first VOCALOID2 Vocaloid developed by the English company Zero-G is coming up on her four-year anniversary. The developers decided that a more opera house mannered voice bank was missing, and thus Prima was born in January 14, 2008. Her voice was sampled from a professional soprano singer, which her name alludes to: prima donna, “first lady” in Italian, was the name given to the leading female singer of an opera company, often a soprano. Her operatic voice and original boxart (photography by Ivan Grlic under the name of bg_night) seem to indicate she wasn’t aimed at the typical Vocaloid fandom, but instead to professional musicians. Prima was released in Japan on February 22, 2008, and distributed by Crypton Future Media.

This past year has been kind to Prima, as E-CAPSULE began distributing her in Taiwan, along with fellow Engloids Sonika, Tonio, Sweet Ann and Big-Al (the latter two being developed by the Swedish company PowerFX). She was given an anime-styled redesign as well as character information. According to the E-CAPSULE canon, she is 18 years old, is 156 cm (5’1″) tall, and weighs 42kg (92.4lbs).

You can visit her page on Zero-G’s site.

Let us now listen to some of her songs!

YouTube mirror

YouTube mirror

YouTube mirror

2012 should be a hopeful year for Prima since her voice is being picked up more and more by Vocaloid fans and being tested as to how far it can go as far as her pop genre is concerned, not to mention that she is predominantly an opera singer so it should be interesting. So lets all hope the best for her this coming year and wish our virtual opera singer a Happy Birthday!

Let’s now talk about LEON and LOLA. Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, SeeU etc. are all more recent Vocaloids and very much well know if you’ve been floating around in the Vocaloid world for awhile now, but there are two original Vocaloids whose 8th anniversary is approaching and they are LEON and LOLA (stylized Le♂n and L♀la on their boxes). Released in January 15, 2004 at the NAMM Show in California and running on the VOCALOID1 engine, LEON and LOLA hold the title of being the first Vocaloids; these two are also the first male and female Vocaloids designed to be English-speaking and the first male and female Vocaloids for the engine itself. They are sold separately, and no information as to their relationship has been given. They were marketed as soul singers and aimed towards professional producers and had no fan input in mind while they were being created. Their boxart seems to echo this thought with a simple stock image of lips. LOLA was used by the Japanese artist Hirasawa Susumu in the soundtrack of the 2006 anime film “Paprika” by director Satoshi Kon. It was the first time a Vocaloid had been used in a film.

Check LEON and LOLA‘s pages on the official site for details on how to purchase them.

Here are some of their songs.

YouTube mirror

YouTube mirror

So to sum it all up into one giant egg roll, it would be hard to imagine the current world of Vocaloid if the original Vocaloids were never created. So lets wish for a bright future for them and wish ‘em both a Happy Birthday because who knows what Vocaloid could have ended up being without their creation!

And that’s it! We hope you’ll join us next year to celebrate Prima, LEON and LOLA’s birthday!

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  1. My question is this? How can giving an anime design to something not aimed at anime watches be considered kind?

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