Miku hits #1 on unofficial Olympics poll

A user-made poll on the website TheTopTens asked visitors to the site which singer(s) they would like to see perform at the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London. Even though this was just an unofficial poll, it has received a lot of traffic, and was originally dominated by K-Pop groups on top along with acts known worldwide such as Lady Gaga. However, a few days ago, Hatsune Miku managed to sneak onto the polls at around number 50 or so and gradually worked her way up. When she first debuted on the list, the top crown was held by K-Pop act Super Junior with over 11% of the vote and each of the top ten held at least 3%. Within a few days, Miku managed to climb into the top ten and a post from the official Facebook page managed to nudge her into number one with 10% of the overall vote.

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  2. Glad you added UNOFFICIAL Higtrance, there are many people who don’t understand this poll as no influence whatsoever on the choice of the performers for the Olympic opening ceremony (which IMO is already chosen).
    Still this is really interesting and shows how much strength the Vocaloid community has on the Internet. BTW, Miku is still climbing the ranking,  while I’m writing this, she’s already at more than 11% of the votes.

    Also an interesting story about this poll: Miku was in the top20 and suddenly disappeared, removed by the poll organizer on the principle she’s not a real singer. But obviously people wrote so much mail to complain about that that she was reinstated in the list. Sounds like the Vocaloid phenomenon still needs some advertising for many people who don’t get a clue.

    1. Funny thing about how Miku got reinstated to the list. Yes alot of hate mail and blogging but, it actually came down to Myself and another Facebook fan who argued that since the poll wasn’t official anyway, there was no harm in allowing her to be on the list. He and I both got this response: “that is easily the most logical argument that has been made. And, on this basis, we will be reinstating her to the list.”

  3. I’m wondering what safeguards they have in place to prevent Trolls and Spam votes on that website.  I can easily see some overzealous fans bloating the ranking if there is no spam protection.

    1. That question was already posed to the site admins. They said that their site has safeguards and that if anything, the spammers could actually make Miku seem to get fewer votes than she actually does. However that works.

        1. If you don’t keep cookies, or auto-clear them when you close your browser, like Firefox, you can vote multiple times apparently.

  4. I love how people are freaking out about this UNOFFICIAL poll too, and the link can be found on a bunch of the more popular vocaloid vids on youtube from what I’ve seen (I hide by the more obscure songs away from the weeaboos). This makes me wonder why I haven’t quit the fandom yet. Infact a few weeks ago I myslef voted for super junior as Miku was not on the list yet. I like miku better, but come on at the olympics the performers each do one song? Two, maybe three? How would they even get miku on the stage and junk.

    1. Ah I just realized it seems like I am dissing the article, I love this blog, thank you for telling people about this.

  5. Huh, hypothetically, if she WERE to perform at the Olympics, I wonder if it would be be best if she were presented as AR (Augmented Reality) much the same way Gumi, Akikoloid, and Lapis were shown at the recent Vocafarre, only maybe with a lot more sophistication and quality. Reason being people are probably going to be too far from a rear projected glass panel (unless they opt to make Miku 50 feet tall … wonder how much that would cost) but there would be plenty of large monitors to watch. Not to mention the people at home with their TVs. Wouldn’t it be cool to have Miku and the gang walk among the audience dancing, singing, with all the special effects mixed with real stage effects? Would be a real shocker to people unaccustomed to the idea of augmented reality, let alone a virtual idol singer 😀

    1. why not do it like they do for all the other normal-size performers, put a camera on her and jumbotron it.  It’s not like the people in the stadium can actually see anything without binoculars anyway.  In any case, it’s a great idea because then the live performances can also interact with her on stage.

  6. You know what would be a really good idea to have for the Olympics would probably be Halyosy’s “Smiling”.  What better song at what better venue.  Have singers from across the globe, famous in their respective countries, sing as one for world peace.  That would be tearfully epic.

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