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After uploading banner images which can be used freely on websites as long as there’s no aim at financial gain, 1st PLACE has now posted usage guidelines concerning IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-, both for the character herself and for songs created using the soundbank. The guidelines are divided into two categories — one for noncommercial/individual use and one for commercial/corporate use. For individual use, the restrictions are quite relaxed, effectively requiring only that no third parties’ rights and/or public decency, etc. are violated. Restrictions with regards to commercial use are slightly more stringent, but guidelines for both cases are still less stringent than comparable policies from Crypton Future Media regarding Hatsune Miku, etc. The following is a rough translation of the IA usage guidelines.

Disclaimer: This translation is rough and is for informative purposes only. Please consult a lawyer for definitive legal advice.

These guidelines are with regards to the usage of audio data created using the VOCALOID3 library “IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-” released by 1st PLACE, Inc., as well as the character and the name “IA”/”イア”, etc., which henceforth will be collectively referred to as “the character”.

  • Usage for creative activities with no financial proceeds and creative activities with no intention of financial gain
    • As long as there is no intention of financial gain, works can be freely uploaded on the Internet; individuals and doujin circles can freely publicize and distribute derivative works (including cosplay and figures) using the character.
    • (No intention of financial gain means that any proceeds would be solely aimed at recouping cost of raw materials, event entrance fees and costs involved with the usage of event spaces, etc.)
    • However, publication and distribution of works using the character which goes against public order and standards of decency and/or which incurs the possibility of infringement of rights of a third party is strictly forbidden.
    • The character’s name can be credited in the titles of songs and titles of CDs, etc. without prior approval.
  • Commercial usage and usage by companies
    • Vocal data produced using this sound library can be used by companies and/or for commercial use regardless of whether there is an intention for financial gain.
    • The character’s name can be credited in the titles of songs and titles of CDs, etc. without prior approval.
    • With regards to music CDs, without prior approval, the character can only be used on a page from the jacket and on flyers and posters for promotional purposes.
    • (Please seek prior approval from 1st PLACE, Inc. for usage that exceeds these bounds)
    • For other uses as well as other promotional uses (e.g. figures that come as shrink-wrapped bonuses with the CD, straps, DVDs, etc.) prior approval is required; please contact 1st PLACE, Inc.
    • Usage of this character for something other than music CDs requires prior approval from 1st PLACE, Inc.

One thought on “1st PLACE posts usage guidelines regarding IA”

  1. Wow, interesting. This is definitely a nice shift from the Crypton guidelines. With other companies such as Crypton, you need prior approval before putting Hatsune Miku and many other Vocaloids’ names and images on music albums. 

    I suppose that they’re trying to make it easier for IA to be used in commercial music, which will probably give her a boost if a lot of popular producers pick her up. 

    Smart move. 

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