Tell Your World on wasabeat

After hitting number one on the Japan iTunes Store singles charts and doing appreciably well on the US iTunes Store’s Electronic chart, livetune’s Tell Your World is now available on wasabeat, a dance music download store from Japan that caters to a world-wide audience for those who can’t or don’t want to buy from the iTunes Store. The song is available as a 320kbps MP3 file for 200 JPY or uncompressed audio file for 250 JPY, payable through either credit card or PayPal. The audio files can be downloaded directly from the website after payment, and they can also be played directly using the site’s built-in music player.

3 thoughts on “Tell Your World on wasabeat”

  1. Bought, too bad these guys are not in relation with KarenT, I would have loved to see more album on their site, iTunes is a closed platform and Amazon really offer a barebone service, and HearJapan seems to always miss most of the releases.
    And as said by AlphaCano, lossless format is a nice bonus (though I have to admit that I am unable to hear the difference between an OGG/MP3 at 320kbps and a FLAC.

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