INTERNET working on V3 revamp of V2 GUMI

Noboru Murakami from INTERNET Co., Ltd., makers of Megpoid, has tweeted a link to a song clip uploaded on Nico Nico Douga of an in-development beta version of VOCALOID3 Megpoid Native (tentative title) singing Megumi Nakajima’s Be MYSELF. This sound bank is a revamp of the original VOCALOID2 soundbank and the same song done using the previous version was one of the official demo songs.

12 thoughts on “INTERNET working on V3 revamp of V2 GUMI”

    1. I agree. They need some tips from an English-speaker on naming their voicebanks using English words. Hahaha.

      I thought Megpoid Adult could have been named better. “Mature” or something similar would have fit a lot better, in my opinion.

  1. I like Gumi and all, but this seems kinda pointless because of her Extend. What I mean is, wouldn’t this make extend obsolete or extend would make this obsolete? I can’t imagine them both being used at the same time, but who knows I’m no expert. On the other hand, I’m very happy that companies are paying more attention to the older vocaloids instead of just making a ton of new ones.

    1. Not really.  You can think of Extend as a collection of various different stylized versions of GUMI’s voice, whereas the original soundbank is her “default” voice.  This is simply a project to bring the quality of her default voice up to spec with the rest.

      1. Yes, but updating would leave her V2 voicebank obsolete, since the option of transferring V2 to V3 would be useless.

        Plus, GUMI users who own her V2 who want top update would basically be spending money on a voicebank that is just a rerecorded updated version for V3. Not saying they have to, but…

        1. But the physical, buyable copy of GUMI’s V2 voicebank will actually be obsolete soon, so updating now when she’s still a hot commodity is, IMO, the best thing to do.

          This update is most probably not for the people who already own V2 GUMI and are already satisfied enough with her usage and range to go by way of V3 conversion. This is geared for those who have a preference for the original GUMI on an updated system and/or the people who might be interested in the future but are unable to purchase the CD because it isn’t in circulation anymore.

  2. The concept is great and all, but wouldn’t this void the whole concept of transferring V2 voicebanks to V3? Crypton’s decided not to update their V2 voicebanks for V3, and their unreleased Append voicebanks will be released for V3. Strange move, in my opinion.

    I don’t think this is a very good decision…

    1. I doubt Internet Co will prohibit allowing current users to convert the library for use with the V3 Editor. Besides, Megpoid is now 3 years old.  At some point, it’s time to discontinue the product and move onto something new or update it.

      Whatever improvements or special features there are within the V3 engine a V2 library can’t take advantage of it.  Are those improvements worth the cost to re-record and develop?  I guess Internet Co. seems to think so.  Besides that, none of the Megpoid “extents” sound quite the same as the original, so if anything, this gives new and current users an extra choice while staying current with technology.

  3. Ah so just like VY1v3, we have a Megpoid update.   Gumi wasn’t without her faults, however, what they have to avoid is a VY1v3 situation where aside from improvements there is little difference between VY1 and VY1v3. 

    1. I would think that for an update like this, we wouldn’t want as few changes as possible aside from improvements. I feel like the point isn’t to totally remake the voicebank, but to just go back and fix issues while making it work better with the V3 engine. Major changes seem like they fit better in Appends or in totally new voicebanks.

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