AniMiku and Vocalekt Visions to hold concert at AOD 2012

With the recent popularity of Vocaloid concerts throughout the world, Re:VB of AniMiku and Vocalekt Visions are collaborating to produce a mini Vocaloid Concert at Animation on Display 2012 on February 18th 2012 in San Francisco, CA. Opening the show will be a Vocaloid Cosplay dance group called World Vocaloid Dance 01 (WVD01), which includes dancers such as the winner of the Vocaloid Dance concert at the J-Pop Summit Festival 2011, cosplayers included in the Hatsune Miku Google Chrome advertisement, and many others. Shinji of 39diyMMDConcert will also be at the event, filming and producing a video that will be uploaded on his YouTube channel within a week after the event for people that cannot be there and Re:VB will be providing an online live stream at 3PM PST when the event begins. More information can be found on Re:VB’s blog and the AOD 2012 Events Page.

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  1. THIS IS MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE. Hello every one this is james sakura (leader of WVD01 thank you for reading and i hope to see you all there.

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