Niisan turns se – sorry, six!

はっぴーばーすでー兄さん(6)!by シロツグ
Six, that's more than you can show on one hand!

Six years guys, six years! That’s how long our beloved male Vocaloid Kaito (affectionately called niisan by fans) has been amongst us for. I wonder what kind of birthday shenanigans him and his fans have been up to this year. Let’s all follow me after the break and find out, shall we?

As we all probably know by now after all these years, Kaito is our beloved first Japanese male Vocaloid voice of all time. Voiced by singer Naoto Fuuga, he was recorded into the VOCALOID1 engine and tweaked for a while before being released over a year after his female counterpart, Meiko. Unfortunately, being the same gender as general DTM population, he sat around somewhat neglected for a while until late 2007, when Miku’s skyrocketing fame rocked the world. From there, Kaito went from the warehouse to the spotlight (a shocking transition) and enjoyed the honourable position of being the only tenor robot singer for a while yet. His adorable icecream-loving self was quite hard for the female Vocaloid fans to resist, I’m sure. And although there are now many other male Vocaloids in the wild, niisan still retains his fanbase and following even after all these years.

In fact, Kaito has enjoyed lots of love from SEGA in the more recent Project DIVA games, including some silly costumes (You cannot convince me that that ninja outfit is not silly) and finally the inclusion of his #1 hit Sennen no Dokusouka with a matching outfit. Speaking of which, Sennen had a Kaito Append remix on the VOCALOID Minzokucho Kyokushu album which made him sound both realistic and similar to his father, Fuuga! Unfortunately, his Append is still not out yet, but in another twist of fate, it seems that Crypton is seriously considering making an English Kaito alongside English Miku. Whether it happens or not, it shows that Crypton knows how important an asset Kaito is after all, he just had a slow start, that’s all. GSC didn’t forget that Kaito brings all the icecream to the yard either, and re-released his nendoroid in Cheerful form in an adorable cheerleader outfit (Not the sexy kind). Fight on! Niisan!

But enough talk, what has niisan been up to this year? Wait, actually, I have a better idea. Let us all refresh our minds with Kaito’s first a—maaaazing hit shall we?

“Hikyou Sentai Urotanda” by Shin-P

YouTube mirror

I would like the entire world to admire the greatness that is Kaito’s lesson to this world. You shall all be learned in the ways of Hikyou forever. Okay, joke time is over, let’s explore Kaito’s latest hits.

“FLOWER TAIL” by Yuukiss

YouTube mirror

Yuukiss, king of unfinished songs, finally managed to complete a Kaito song and it makes everyone’s pants happy with like 25 Kaitos. Including one that does nothing but howl like a wolf. I’m not sure how that can get any better so it’s all downhill from here.

“Judgement of Corruption” by Akuno-P

YouTube mirror

Wait, wait. I take that back. After amazing us last (technically last last) year with his first Kaito song, mothy comes back strong with an even better one with contributions to his ever growing epic that will blow your mind. In short, Judgement of Corruption is great in so many ways I don’t even –

“Haitoku no Kioku ~The Lost Memory~” by natsuP

YouTube mirror

Ohsnap, it’s more from our favourite Visual K trio, VanaN’Ice. Slightly less awesome than the above songs since Kaito is sharing the spotlight here though.

“Pane dhiria (SPTM mix)” arranged by Yanagi

YouTube mirror

Cheating a little here but guys the maker of Kaito’s first #1 original remixed Kaito’s second #1 original that’s just cool beyond cool y’know.

“Tabiji no Hate, Sora no Doukoku” by Shigotoshite-P

YouTube mirror

Because Shigotoshite-P.

Okay now that we have hits out of the way, let’s celebrate niisan’s birthday with birthday hits! KarenT is also releasing a Kaito Birthday special with three special singles from niisan:

Be sure to grab the ones you love! And now for the best from NND, hand picked by yours truely.

YouTube mirror

Yes. Eh? Not enough, you say? Well then knock yourself out on Nico instead. Now that we’re all turned on after listening to so much of Kaito’s voice we may now proceed to touch –

-There is a temporary outage as the rest of Vism catches up and apprehends this obnoxious self indulgent blogger-

Um, anyway. Here are some Kaito pictures our beloved fanartists have drawn for his special day. Don’t be surprised if some of them seem rather romantic, Kaito’s first birthday was on Valentine’s day after all. (He has two, Yamaha and Crypton released him on different days, go figure.)

だいすきおにいちゃん by のん
KAITO by moco
【KAITO】お持ち帰り仕様【ハピバ】 by 露花
・*:.。.:*・0214・*:.。.:*・ by 秋吉
いくよ!by 由杞
★ by 310
KAITO誕 by 飛んでイスギタンブール
【リク】KAITOハピバ by くるるるるるま
V-day by me

Aaaaand we are done! Not enough eye candy? Drag your loving ass thisaway and bury yourself in all the Kaito Birthday art you could ever want.

And so we conclude another year of Kaito. Which, to be fair, wasn’t exactly filled with Kaito activity. In fact, I think I spy some of the regulars being a little slow this year with their uploads, so I suggest you all keep tabs on the tags until they’re done. Still, there have been some rather interesting inclusions from less dedicated artists, and they are pretty great. It feels like the world is lying low in wait of Kaito Append, after which they’ll surprise us all. Kaito’s future is just beginning this year, fight on! Urotanda!

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25 thoughts on “Niisan turns se – sorry, six!”

    1. I totally agree, it seems so unprofessional as an overall article. It’s nice that it was uploaded on time and all of the effort to pick out all of the videos and pictures, I recognize and appreciate that. Especially since this is a website made by fans. But, I’d prefer toned down fangirl-ness and profanity. 

      1. Well, the fangirlliness isn’t really an issue. It’s kinda’ cute, actually. And I also enjoy that this is one of few posts that actually has more than two links. Especially given that I can SEE the videos.

        But yea. There IS a point where people draw the line.

          1.  I disagree. I don’t think fangirlism is disgusting in the slightest, and I think it’s cute.

      2. I agree exactly. On a personal blog or whatnot it’s fine, but Vocaloidism is trying to look professional, especially by being the center of the English Vocaloid community.

    2.  Not sure if serious or trolling?  Maybe I’m blind, an idiot, or just plain naive, but where is the profanity in the article?

      1. You must not have read the whole article! XD Go read it kiddo! First paragraph under the last picture, or just the second to last paragraph, third sentence.

        1. I’m pretty certain this kiddo has read the article about four times now and I still don’t … wait.  Are you serious?  THAT one word has people’s panties in a twist?  Well, that’s a bit of a surprise to me.

          1. I find it hard to understand too, but I guess that’s how some people rolls? Or maybe some cultural difference we’re not aware of?

  1. Great article, but I have one correction to make. Crypton is beyond ‘seriously considering’ an English voice bank for Kaito. And there’s no question whether it’s going to happen or not. Remember this from last year?

    1. Ah, my bad. What I meant was that they are seriously considering releasing an English VB. Even though they’ve done some recording and tests, they haven’t confirmed an English release yet, and most likely won’t decide until they are sure of a positive reception for English Miku.
      Back in 2008 or so, Miku dominated the Vocaloid charts, but there was also a surprisingly large amount of Kaito being used as her ‘partner’ back then, and I think Crypton is expecting the same trend after Miku is ‘first released’ to the western world. But hey, just my personal guess. I personally think and hope they will =O

      1.  I’ll just say that it is a crap load of work to make an ENG voice bank, and not only did they develop it enough to the point it could sing that demo, they showed that demo off! That is not something you do if you’re still debating whether or not to make the product, and in general Crypton’s rather tight lipped even on stuff we know they’re doing.

        A western release I’ll give you. We have no clue if that’s going to happen. But unless somebody screwed up (and royally) I think it’s a damn safe bet an English Kaito is getting made.

    1. Both February 14th and 17th are technically Kaito’s Birthday, but it’s generally accepted to be the 17th nowadays.
      You see, Crypton had finished Kaito and they were like: Hey Yamaha, we’re done! And Yamaha was like: Awesome. Then they popped Kaito out on the 14th because they thought it was a great Valentines day present to the females of DTM (I’m making this story up don’t believe a word I say) but Crypton was all: Nooo, what the hell, we weren’t ready! And so after a few days, they released Kaito on the 17th. When they were ready to release him.

      However, lots of females did not miss the fact that Kaito had first graced the world on Valentines Day, and hence all of the loving fanart.

      1. I now have visions of Kaito baby being shoved back into Crypton’s womb as Crypton’s husband, Mr. Hiroyuki, screams to Dr. Yamaha “too soon! too soon!”

  2. Read the bottom of the page about the author Krystal:

    “I’m a long time Vocaloid fan and obsessed Kaito fangirl. That’s really all there is to say on the matter. Of me and Vocaloid”

    ….so now you know why this article seems to be a bit fangirly.

  3. Great article Krystal, you’re the one to celebrate properly Kaito’s birthday. And please don’t tone down you’re writing, it’s not Wikipedia here and it’s also fine that each editor of Vism is showing his style and feeling once the facts have been delivered.

  4. ;D Six is pronounced Sex in German XD Great article for his b-day, one of my favorites~ Great job, don’t listen to the haters~ I think that this is hilarious and informative~

  5. Meh I am a guy, but I like this change of pace of an article about the Vocaloids’s birthday. Its a time when one should be happy and screw professionalism at that time. Heck I would like this article better that have emotions in it rather than a stagnant one. Just my two cent thats all.

  6. Happy (late) birthday Kaito~! 
    Nice post but I think you shouldn’t use profanity or anything. Vocaloid fans can be 7 years old or 28 years old. That means that someone whose young could see this post and see the word ‘ass’. If they not sure what it means, they could ask their parents and be in trouble, possibly.
    Sorry if I sound mean but I think that you should not use profanity in post.

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