Chinese Children’s Literature Author Visits Miku

Crypton’s CEO, Itoh Hiroyuki, tweeted yesterday that he had the pleasure of meeting with Chinese children’s literature author Zheng Yuanjie. He received a copy of his book as well as a note addressed to Miku asking her to come perform in China for her fans. Zheng Yuanjie is a prolific and well-to-do author in China, holding the world record for the longest periodical publication by a single author for his work on “Dong Hua Da Wang” (King of Fairy Tales), now in its 27th year. According to a post on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo, he expressed his desire to visit Miku and asked the Chinese consulate in Japan if it would be possible to arrange a trip.

In his letter to Miku that accompanied the book, Zheng Yuanjie wrote:

To Hatsune Miku. You have many fans in China, so could you come visit China to give a performance? I’m ready to write lyrics to a Chinese song for you, so when you do come to give a concert, you’ll have to sing a song in Chinese, okay?

According to the Crypton CEO, Zheng Yuanjie is someone everyone in China in their 30s and 40s would know and because of that influence, people in their teens and 20s nowadays in China also know of him. Apparently he visited Hokkaido out of his own desire to see Miku. In a subsequent tweet, Itoh linked to an article from a Chinese newspaper that detailed the Hatsune Miku movement in which a post by Zheng Yuanjie had a mention as well.

He is quoted as saying that he “likes listening to songs by Japanese diva Hatsune Miku.” One of the reasons he gives is that “she’s a virtual diva and is very like characters who appear in literature. I’m visiting Japan to study elementary education, so it would be very interesting if I could get a chance to meet this virtual diva, Hatsune Miku. I don’t know if I’d be able to have this wish fulfilled.”

Later on, on Weibo, he replied to someone with the handle “Damer” asking if he was a fan of 2D. In his response, he stated that the Chinese embassy said it would be possible for him to visit Miku and that she lived in Hokkaido. He also said that beside the characters he penned, this is the sixth time he was meeting a virtual person. He then closes the post by asking what is meant by 2D.

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  1. Miku’s fame in China is something big, remember Anisama Shangai where she made a guest appearance and had more sheers than most of the other performers.

    Also one year ago CFM linked to a survey done by SearChina about foreign asian stars in China where Miku ranked #15, better than well known Japanese stars like AKB48.

    And finally if you want a foretaste of Miku singing in Chinese, I suggest you to give a try to Solpie’s last two songs: 

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