VOCALOID3 Brings Multi-track Export, UI Improvements

YAMAHA has just released an update to their VOCALOID3 Editor software, with some user interface improvements. Notably, keyboard shortcuts have been added for note placement and selection, and the ability to export tracks to their own separate sound files has also been added. The Alt key can now be used to bypass quantization settings, and various other improvements have been added as well.

Parts of the English release notes were a bit confusing, so here’s an attempt at a clarified version arrived by combining it with the Japanese release notes, some experimentation and looking at the updated manual:

  • The height of the bottom area containing control parameters can now be resized.
  • Notes can be moved up and down semitones using the cursor keys when selected. Holding shift will allow notes to be moved up and down octaves. Pressing left and right will select the previous and next note respectively. Holding down shift while doing that will extend the note selection.
  • If the Alt key is held down before dragging a note, the note can be dragged without snapping to the quantization grid. This applies to changing the note length as well.
  • Adjustments have been made to the right click menu for the Musical Editor pane (the piano roll).
  • Improved what happens when a part (block of notes) from another track is opened in the Track Editor.
  • Improved thumbnail display while dragging parts.
  • Added an export option to have each track be exported to its own .wav file.
    This will dump files in a folder you select, with files being automatically named. Tracks with no parts in them will not create files.
  • Added an export option to export the track that is currently open in the Musical Editor pane. This allows exporting a single track without having to select it separately in the Track Editor.
  • Only export of the Master Track (mixdown) will result in send effects being turned on. Previously, exporting a single selected track would also result in send effects being turned on. Insert effects are still turned on for all tracks.
  • Added the ability for Job Plugins to address files using multi-byte characters in their path.
    (However, changes are required to some of the plugins for this to work.)
  • Added an option to set the timeout for checking for updates when VOCALOID3 is started up.
  • Improved audio quality of the synthesis engine when 48kHz or 96kHz sampling rates were selected.
  • Improved overall stability.

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