AOD 2012 VOCALOID Event Recording Uploaded

Vocalekt Visions at AOD 2012

For those who were unable to visit San Francisco for Anime on Demand 2012’s VOCALOID event, footage of essentially the entire event has been uploaded to YouTube. The event consisted of performances by cosplay dance group WVD01 (World Vocaloid Dance 01) and a concert of VOCALOID songs from Vocalekt Visions. WVD01, of which the winner of the J-Pop Summit Festival VOCALOID dance contest is a member, performed several dances, including ones choreographed to Tell Your World and Vocalekt Visions songs like Tatsumaki. They also performed a piano/vocal rendition of Love is War. The second half of the event was a concert with the audience waving glowsticks to real-time rendered footage of MikuMikuDance models on screen using AniMiku. The event was organized by Vocalekt Visions and many people were involved in its production; a full credit list is available on the linked YouTube videos.

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