Miku Reaches 393939 Likes on Facebook

THANK YOU!! 393939As of this writing, Hatsune Miku has now reached 393939 likes on her Facebook page. In celebration, she is running a raffle in which 39 lucky fans will win merchandise. The official page for this contest allows anyone to enter by emailing MIKUBOOK with the correct subject, name, address and a message for Miku. People interested should enter before March 11, when the raffle ends.

As a sidenote, apparently she accidentally announced this a little prematurely about eight hours ago, before the milestone was hit. She later realized her mistake, replaced the post with an “opps” and then wrote the explanation: “Sorry, just misread 393393 as 393939…lol” Thirty minutes ago, she made a finalized announcement that included a screenshot of the 393,939 likes.

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