MIKUBOOK Hosts Puzzle Challenge

Welcome to Mikutery World... From March 1 through March 9 (Miku day), Crypton’s social networking site MIKUBOOK is holding a puzzle contest called Mikutery World, a pun on “mystery” and “Miku”. To participate, one must login to MIKUBOOK with either a Twitter or Facebook account. There are a total of three parts to the puzzle challenge, with people who solve the first “question” being able to download a wallpaper in various sizes featuring Snow Miku. Furthermore, there will be a drawing for five people who solved all three to receive Miku merchandise. In addition to hint emails from MIKUBOOK appropriate for each part of the puzzle (including different hints for different parts of each stage), there is also a forum for fellow participants to help each other (and flag spoiler hints from other users). A Twitter account is required to complete the puzzle challenge, but it does not necessarily have to be the account linked to MIKUBOOK.Due to issues with Twitter locking down DMs, the hint for one of the parts can now be read directly from the specific account’s timeline, instead of needing to wait for a DM from the account. Upon completion, MIKUBOOK will tell the participant how many people finished before him/her and allow the participant to participate in a forum for fellow users who also completed all the puzzles. For those complaining about the difficulty, it was apparently tougher in previous iterations. On the first day, out of the 1092 accounts that attempted the challenge, 89 were victorious, and it appeared that this was a little lower than expected.

12 thoughts on “MIKUBOOK Hosts Puzzle Challenge”

  1. Please refrain from telling the answers in the comments. Any comment mentioning the answers (hints are ok) will be deleted.

  2. The damn Twitter stuff was not working for me, had to wait till they tweeted the word 🙁
    Also, let’s hope the puzzles are not in Engrish XD … 

  3. I’m stuck on Q1.4. I can’t seem to find the third mistake. I found two mistakes, which were the cities, but I don’t know what the third mistake is… I used the hint mail and that didn’t really help. Can I get some help?

    1. ok, now on Q1.5, I’ve found the video in yellow, clicked on it, watched it, and then nothing happened, now what???

      1.  At the very end of the video the page should turn white and show you the answer. if not try another browser/disable any ad blocking software.

        1.  i dont understand Q1.5, i solve the puzzle and click “are you sure” then the yellow pieces are highlighted and it has a  “find yellow” button, i click it and it takes me to main page and nothing completes. im using firefox btw

  4. i skipped how to decode the messages on Q2 now im on Q3 will someone tell me the key at least if not the answer

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