YuyuSequencer Allows Creation of Simple Yuzuki Yukari Songs Online


Unveiled during an AH-Software broadcast on Ustream, VOCALOMAKETS has now added two online flash applications for making short snippets of songs with the Yuzuki Yukari voice bank to their website: YuyuSequencer Plus and YuyuSequencer. Finished songs can be shared via Twitter, Facebook or mixi and they are transferred via a plain text format called “YuyuSeq Code”. An English interface is supposedly coming soon.

Both versions support 20 measures of quarter notes in 4/4 time for the main melody and 20 measures of triads in 4/4 time for the backing harmony. YuyuSequencerPlus allows for sharps in both the notes and the triads while the normal version can only do notes on the white keys, which means only one chord can be chosen for each root note, including Bdim for B. Notes in the melody can range between the B below middle C and the G (or G#) that’s one octave above the G above middle C. The triads are always non-inverted and the root notes can be between B below middle C and C above middle C. Each note is sung with the corresponding solfège syllable. (i.e. C=do, D=re, etc.)

Notes can be entered by clicking them on the staff, with clicking the bottom-most part removing the note. The menu icons on the top left allow starting a new song, saving the current song (i.e. giving you the YuyuSeqCode as well as populating the share link), loading a song (i.e. paste in the saved YuyuSeqCode) and toggling the display of hints. The bunny icon on the bottom right allows replacing the current song with a demo song. The icons on the top right allows selecting between the melody (Trk 1) track and the harmony (Trk 2) track.

The “tempo” can be varied, but its numerical value does not correspond to actual tempo values, since this is just a timing parameter in the programming. Furthermore, depending on system specs, etc., she might not keep a very steady tempo. The animated Yuzuki Yukari character on screen will do various things, such as swaying back and forth while idle, dozing off if she’s ignored, leaning over to sing a note when you click on one and blushing bashfully after finishing a performance. You can also bop the angels who are part of the Yuyu Angels by clicking on their heads.

Yuzuki Yukari idle 1Yuzuki Yukari idle 2
Yuzuki Yukari singing inputYuzuki Yukari YuyuAngels
Yuzuki Yukari performingYuzuki Yukari bashful
Yuzuki Yukari asleep

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