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Miku Flick menu screen
The iOS rhythm game Miku Flick is now available for purchase on the Japanese App Store for 1200 JPY. Unfortunately it’s not available on other App Stores, but an English version is coming soon. Fortunately, there are onscreen hints for which button to flick which way so that no Japanese knowledge is really required, and only select highlighted characters have to be inputted in the game. Since the background footage is pre-rendered Project DIVA footage at the iPhone’s standard resolution (although at a somewhat low framerate), the game comes as a hefty download of nearly 900MB.

The game has a total of twelve regular songs, with three to start the player off. Clearing songs on easy mode will unlock additional songs, although a separate, special song can only be played after some other requirements are met. Clearing all the songs on normal difficulty will definitely unlock this song; it’ll jump straight into its hard mode after some hinting from the game that occurs after attempting to exit to the song selection screen. Clearing any song on normal difficulty will also unlock the hard mode for the same song, and clearing any song on hard mode will unlock a special play mode for that song where there’s no failing out but all the characters are available to be flicked.

Easy mode, normal mode and hard mode only differ on the number of characters out of all the syllables in the song that need to be flicked. Furthermore, holding down one of the keys and then flicking or releasing on the beat does not count for a full score on that note.

The website has posted a full song list (excluding the secret special song, of course) in the order they appear in the game, with each set of three songs being harder than the previous set of three. The songs are Koisuru VOC@LOID (standard outfit), moon (Snow Miku 2012 outfit), World is Mine (Heart Hunter outfit), Time Limit (Star outfit), Finder (DSLR remix – re:edit) (Powder outfit), PoPiPo (Jersey outfit), Melt (White Dress outfit), Electric Angel (China outfit), Aikotoba (Natural outfit), Romeo and Cinderella (Vintage Dress outfit), StargazeR (Hatsune Miku Append outfit), Anata no Utahime (White One-piece outfit) and the secret song (standard outfit).

11 thoughts on “Miku Flick Hits App Store”

  1. Yay, An English version! That’s great news 😀 Although I’m going to have to delete loads of stuff to make room for it…

  2. If you follow SeyrenLK on youtube, then you know what the secret song is. He’s even posted video of it.

  3. Well, the most os the Japanese use is iOS, being iTunes one of the most popular media they use to get musics and stuff.  And not to mention that iPad is one of the tablets that most of Japanese people use.  So, android users, you just have to wait until SEGA sees a a market in there that can be equal to iTunes.

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