Google Starts New Collaborative Project With Miku

Hatsune Miku x Google+ New ProjectOn March 9, Google and Crypton Future Media unveiled their latest collaborative project, which is intended to further develop and expand the creative movement behind Hatsune Miku, as portrayed by the line “Everyone, Creator” at the end of the Google Chrome video. The Google+ page is available in both Japanese and English. To kick off the project, the organizers want to show people who have only listened to and watched these creative works to get a taste of what it’s like to actually create one such work. The first creator to take part in this will be announced on March 17, although a never-before released 39 second demo was uploaded to YouTube. Viewers are encouraged to guess which producer made this song and to post their guesses on the Hatsune Miku Google+ page, with winners possibly getting something nice in return. Further updates about the project will show up on the Google+ page as well. Oh, and in related news, according to a Yahoo News article, Crypton wants to put out a new version of Hatsune Miku by the end of the year, and it is going to have English capabilities for the fans all over the world.

5 thoughts on “Google Starts New Collaborative Project With Miku”

  1. Wow this is exciting new definitely a more efficient way the most to do some good advertising and name recognition for Miku’s brand. And of course I cannot wait for English Miku, without her Cowboys cheerleader outfit though…

  2. The demo is even harder to guess since Miku isn’t singing! D:
    I’m usually good at guess which producer by how they make miku sing.

  3. Good idea to promote Miku’s profile on G+, only 14k listeners so far but nevertheless a good thing that CFM is not focusing solely on FB.

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