VOCALOID3 Release Commemoration Contest Updated

The music contest commemorating the release of VOCALOID3 has now had its deadline extended from March 31, 2012 to June 30, 2012. The contest involves submitting a song made using one of the eligible VOCALOID3 sound banks to Nico Nico Douga before the deadline and tagging the video with a specific tag and locking it. There will be several prizes, including a specific not-planned-for-sale VOCALOID sound bank for any video with more than 1000 views during the contest period, as well as various prizes from participating companies. Of the eligible VOCALOID3 sound banks, IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- and Yuzuki Yukari as well as their representative companies are notably absent.

The current list of eligible VOCALOID3 sound banks as of the latest update is as follows:

  • YAMAHA’s VY1V3 and Mew
  • INTERNET Co., Ltd.‘s Megpoid (Power, Whisper, Adult, Sweet and Native), Lily (V3) and CUL
  • MoeJapan‘s Tone Rion
  • SBS Artech‘s SeeU

Eligible entries must use at least one of these sound banks, although in the case of duets, etc. additional sound banks not from this list can be used. The uploaded video on Nico Nico Douga must be tagged with VOCALOID3発売記念コンテスト and the tag must be locked by the uploader. Winners will be chosen by various parties based on the number of views, number of mylist entries and the content of the comments, etc.

The following is a list of the prizes currently being offered (and the list is subject to change):

  • V3 Contest Special Participation Prize (songs using any eligible sound bank)
    A special VOCALOID3 sound bank (which is not planned for sale) will be awarded without exception to anyone whose video exceeds 1000 views during the contest period. Details about this sound bank including usage guidelines will be revealed in the near future. (This previously required 3000 views.)
  • INTERNET Prize (songs using Megpoid, CUL)
    Three winners will each receive a VOCALOID3 sound bank of their choosing from INTERNET Co., Ltd.
  • SBS Artech Prize (songs using SeeU)
    One person will win the grand prize, which is a travel voucher for two to go on a three-day-two-night trip to Seoul. One person will win the first prize, which is a iPad2 Wi-fi 32GB model. The uploaders for the top five most popular videos will also receive a SeeU grab bag, regardless of whether they won one of the aforementioned prizes or not.
  • imyss Prize (songs using SeeU)
    One person will win a cosmetics gift set from imyss.
  • YAMAHA Prize (songs using VY1V3, Mew, Tone Rion)
    One person will win the grand prize, which is a copy of Cubase 6. For first place prize, three people will each win a VOCALOID3 sound bank of their choosing published by YAMAHA.
  • Dear Stage Prize (songs using Tone Rion)
    A group of two people will receive an “invitation to Akihabara”. Ten people will each receive a special ticket to Dear Stage. One person will win a YAMAHA TENORI-ON.
  • Dwango Prize (songs using any eligible sound bank)
    Five people will receive a Nico Nico Douga merchandise bundle.

Winners will also be posted on the website as well. As many people have noticed, 1st PLACE and its IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- as well as AH-Software and its Yuzuki Yukari are notably absent. Aoki Lapis is also currently absent, but that sound bank is not available yet. However, other sound banks yet to be released, such as VOCALOID3 Lily have already been added to the list.

6 thoughts on “VOCALOID3 Release Commemoration Contest Updated”

  1. Any guesses for why IA and Yukari being absent?  Also, since the
    contest was extended, I’m surprised Lapis wasn’t added already
    because her release date is known in early April, giving users a couple
    of months to create songs just in time for the deadline.  Unless her released was delayed?

    1.  It could be that the respective companies weren’t interested, or that these two sound banks don’t need the promotion or a combination of the two.

  2. I’m sad SBS isn’t giving a free Vocaloid VB but other than that, they have the best prizes. Trip to Korea?? Whoever wins that is super lucky.

  3. Some people on Nico are tagging their videos that were uploaded a while ago that already had over 1000 views as contest entries though..that doesn’t seem very fair :I

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