Music Girl Hatsune Miku iOS App Scheduled for Spring 2012 Release

Music Girl Hatsune Miku logo
Music Girl Hatsune Miku is a new iOS app created as a joint project between Crypton Future Media, SEGA, MARZA ANIMATION PLANET (which created many of the 3D CG for SEGA’s games, including Project DIVA) and iOS development firm W Rock Games. A teaser video on YouTube tells the user to enjoy listening to music together with various versions of Miku as it shows Miku in various outfits with a LamazeP song playing in the background. This ad was apparently shown at the live concerts on March 8-9 according to the video description.

W Rock Games also released a previous app in the Music Girl series called Music Girl Nene. In this app, a 3D avatar named Nene listens to songs together with you. Any song from iOS’s library can be played back and the app will synchronize Nene’s movements if tempo information is present in the song’s tags. The site hints at good things happening if you listen to a lot of songs with Nene. Furthermore, various “communication” opportunities show up, with the user being able to choose from several possible replies to questions Nene asks. Making her happy will accrue points and hitting 100 points will cause her to give you an item as a present. Furthermore, there are several costumes to choose from, with more costumes and accessories available as in-app purchases. There are also several voice packs for her as well, making her speak and behave differently, such as the tsundere pack. It is believed that Music Girl Hatsune Miku will be a similar app.

19 thoughts on “Music Girl Hatsune Miku iOS App Scheduled for Spring 2012 Release”

      1. Heh nice little free app, thanks.  Doesn’t seem buggy on the Evo3D.  Will have to give it more time after work.

      1. Because Apple holds a worldwide presence and is a company that produces a wide range of products, including computers, laptops, music players, tablets, and mobile phones.

        Androids aren’t big internationally.

        1. “Androids aren’t big internationally” *facepalm*

          Android is the leading smartphone platform worldwide with 51% market share compared to 24% for iOS (Gartner 2011)
          The only exception is the Japanese Market where Apple still hold the lead for the *installed* base but is quickly overtaken by Android. Last year more Android smartphones have been sold (57%) in Japan than iOS (38%).

          1. for your information, despise that, iTunes is still the music and app download media most used in Japan than Android Market. So, take a guess why this apps comes for iOS and not android.

  1. Hrm, since this will probably be a free app, it looks like people outside Japan can easily get this; they just can’t buy new costumes, voice banks, etc.

  2. I was able to buy the Miku Flick iPhone game just by getting a Japanese iTunes card and setting up a fake account. J-list and Play-asia sell the iTunes cards. So you can get this app or the in store purchases the same way.

  3. why wouldn’t they want more people to play it? i mean why is it only gonna be for iphones… i think if i were making a game i would want as many people to play as possible..

    1. If they wanted as many people to play as possible, they would’ve made it totally free.  But you know, there’s this little pesky where you have to pay people to draw and code stuff for you.

      Currently, developing for and supporting iOS is simpler than doing the same for Android (and therefore it will cost less).  It would only make sense for a company (yes, this is a commercial venture) to support Android if the extra sales can offset the extra support and development costs.

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