Aoki Lapis’s Sister Needs a Name

In addition to giving a more detailed description of the world Aoki Lapis comes from, i-style Project has also announced that they are working on their next character, Aoki Lapis’s older sister. Furthermore, since her name hasn’t been decided yet, they are looking for ideas for her name, submitted through Twitter. In order to participate, one must follow @i_style_vc3 and @aoki_lapis_vc3 and then use the grey-blue button on the official website to create a tweet submission. The “※※※” in the text of the tweet should be replaced by the desired name. A 30k JPY gift certificate is the prize, but unfortunately they will not mail the prize to anywhere outside Japan. The contest ends with the end of April 15, 2012, Japan time.

It has been revealed that Aoki Lapis are faeries, a special race who can convert “songs” into “power”. They can only be seen by a subset of the human population. Aoki Lapis herself is a faerie who had lost her memory. The second character to be produced by i-style Project, Aoki Lapis’s elder sister, is said to be a little devil and to be an antithetical to Aoki Lapis. If Aoki Lapis could be thought of as “light”, then her elder sister could be thought of as “darkness”. Even though they are sisters, they treat each other as enemies. While her name hasn’t been decided yet, she does not have to have the same last name as Aoki Lapis. Furthermore, there’s a possibility for the winning name to only contain the first or last name of the winning entry or entries.

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  1. Finally an official Vocaloid family. :’U Anyways I can’t wait, Lapis is amazing so I expect this one to be the same. <3

  2. If she’s high pitched like Lapis, I’m going to end up being deaf.
    Plus, why don’t let the customers decide Aoki’s relationship, like they did with rin and len?

          1. Is there a citation for this?

            That would be hella confusing even to the Japanese, wouldn’t it?. Her name, as given in Japanese is assumed to be in eastern order (just like every other Vocaloid before her with kanji as part of their names). So Aoki should be her surname, Lapis, given name. In western order, it
            would be Lapis Aoki.

            Plus I thought I remember being taught that if a name is intended to be read in western order, you don’t use kanji at the beginning of the name, you write it out in katakana. Maybe that rule has changed over the years.

          2. Then what about Kiyoteru Hiyama, Ring Suzune & Lui hibiki..? Their names are given first then surname last, s: Sorry, I know this is a week old comment but…?

          3. Kiyoteru’s name is given as Hiyama (kanji) Kiyoteru (katakana) on his own box art and the Japanese wiki lists him as Hiyama Kiyoteru.


            Hiyama is his surname.  Nico video tags with his original songs are listed as “kiyoteru original song”, the same format as every other Vocaloid is using. (“given_name original song”.)

            I have no clue what is up with Ring Suzune and Hibiki Lui but since their names are given only as katakana in all the tags I’ve seen on Nico, I’m going to assume they are in western reading order …  Even Ring’s songs are tagged “ring original song.”

  3. I hate how the company is making their characters have bio stories. Tone Rion comes from the future, Luo is an angel who comes to earth, and now Aoki sisters are angels/devils. That’s so stupid.
    I’m sick and tired of female vocaloids. They basically all have “cute” voices instead of mature ones like VY1, Mew, and SeeU :< If her sister has a mature voice and a good design unlike Aoki Lapis then im fine with it.
    I don't like how the company is making an another one so fast. It's too soon…..

    1. I wouldn’t call the idea of Vocaloids having background stories stupid, as rather the idea limits creative freedoms. There’s simply too much background information. I wish that other Vocaloid companies would follow Crypton’s example of giving height, weight, optimum genre/range, and maybe a line or two of description (i.e. The idea behind Miku was a futuristic diva/diva from the future, more or less).

      i-Style Project could have stated that Aoki Lapis was a fairy and left it at that, but noooo. >_>

    2. I know right? I’m sick of it, and I’m at the point of going back to caring only about crypton since they at least take TIME with their voicebanks. Think about it, everybody knows that there’s going to be an english miku, kaito and meiko appends, etc. But with all these voicebanks coming out at once, with voices that aren’t as different and various like Vocaloid 2, these other companies are actually helping Crypton. And as I look at some of these V3’s, I’m glad. With the excessive voicebank trend happening here, if the companies aren’t careful, they just might kill off american interest. (Since I can guarantee most american fans aren’t interested in buying a high pitched generic loid when English Miku is coming up. And even then, as of now, Miku will only be bought by a few vocaloid users and other otakus unless she becomes a major hit.)

  4. Fans have taken for granted the idea that Vocaloids should be an empty shell. But, if you’re an artist, nothing is stopping you from creating whatever world you want with a Vocaloid, official back story or no. Nobody is telling you can’t do A or B. The back stories just give people a basis to start their creations. We could look at this another way with a question: Do official manga stories limit the creation of doujin manga? Things aren’t so bad for Vocaloids with official stories, either. As mentioned already, even Miku has a concept behind her about being an android singer from the future where music was lost. I don’t see people having a fit about that. (Probably because its not published with her marketing materials and only known about through interviews and musings from her creators. Therefore few people know about it. Does that make it not official? *shrug*)

    As for Lapis’s sister, I also immediately thought she should be called Ruby (ルビー) as another poster mentioned. It just seemed natural. I hope Surfer’s Paradise runs with the idea to use gemstones as names (there are a lot to choose from) for what looks like the start of this “Aoki family” but by opening up the suggestions for names to the public tells me they won’t necessarily do that.

    I have no comment about “yet another female voicebank” aside from, well, the demographics are to blame for that, lol. Oh well. Maybe their 3rd project will be a brother qnd I bet it’ll be younger brother. Another shota, just you wait and see… *sigh*

  5. It’s going to be fun when fans get their hands on them….and then right completely different stories for their backgrounds. It’s just that I’m highly amused if i-style thinks they can control the cannon and the fandom. Not going to happen.

    1. I don’t think they’re trying to control what the fandom does with them, obviously some people will go with the stories and others won’t. I just think I style wants to add more fun to them like what AHSoftware did with Kiyoteru and Ice Mountain. I mean giving them something does give people a little extra something to go on when they write songs or draw art or something.

    1. Vocaloid isn’t an anime, this is just a contest to pick her sister’s name but Aoki Lapis does sort of have a magical girl theme.

  6. Aoki has a soft voice and shes cute, Maybe her sister should have a slightly deepr voice a bit like luka?her voice isnt that deep but its great at horror songs) and Maybe she could be called 
    Kurai kanashimi which means dark sorrow in Japanese

  7. they need to stop with all these vocaloids and worry about the old ones and improve on their voices hint hint-lola, big al, loan ect o-e

  8. they need to focuse on all of the old vocaloids instead of created new ones o-e like make an append for lola or leon or big al .

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