Miku Flick Goes Worldwide

According to a tweet from the @miku_flick Twitter account, SEGA’s flick-input iOS rhythm game featuring pre-rendered animations from Project DIVA is now available worldwide and has now an English interface as well. The game can currently be purchased from the US iTunes App Store for $13.99. A few things were updated with this new version, including the option to show lyrics for PV mode and the option for romaji in-game lyrics and romaji labels on the keypad.

4 thoughts on “Miku Flick Goes Worldwide”

  1. Well, now let’s wait for the Android version.

    And yeah Acesof that’s awfully expensive for an iOS game. This is money grabing at its best, they know the fans will spend this amount and it’s not worth having it better priced to have more people buying it. 

    If at least a fair share of this money is going back to the song Producers, but I’m sure it’s not the case.

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