DeadballP and Dixie Flatline Coming to Anime Expo 2012

Masa, organiser behind the annual Mirai no Neiro panels at Anime Expo, has now announced two guests they will be bringing to Anime Expo this year — DeadballP (known for his borderline outrageous lyrics) and Dixie Flatline (famous for the Megurine Luka song Just Be Friends). For each year since 2009, the Mirai no Neiro panel introduced the audience to the VOCALOID phenomenon and tried to give a broad overview of the many artists that grace the scene. Last year, they brought producers Penguin’s Project, sunzriver and ZANEEDS, and they even showed some world premieres of songs. Previously, they have also brought messages from many other producers who couldn’t come personally. In other news, DeadballP has proclaimed that each producer coming from Japan was a ninja, but one wonders who is Japanese Ninja No. 1.

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