HearJapan Holding Translation Contest for sasakure.UK Song

HearJapan, a Japanese digital music distribution platform, is holding a contest to give sasakure.UK’s Miku song “The Trash-Heap Princess and Apostrophe” an official English translation. Translation entries, including the full name of the submitter and HearJapan account handle, are to be submitted via email by May 11th. While all entrants will receive 200 JPY in HearJapan credits, one grand prize winner will have his/her lyrics used in an official music video in addition to receiving a signed illustration book about the song, a signed CD (that includes the song), some “secret sasakure.UK goods” and 10,000 JPY in HearJapan credits. The second prize winner will receive a signed CD and 5,000 JPY in credits while the third prize winner will receive a signed illustration book and 2,000 JPY in credits. Winners will be announced on May 25th. Full details on the rules and the prizes can be found on the official announcement post.

3 thoughts on “HearJapan Holding Translation Contest for sasakure.UK Song”

    1. Nope.  Sounds pretty neat.

      I might give the translation a shot myself, but I’m pretty busy these days…

  1. Damn how could I have missed that ? HearJapan has been my first source of Vocaloid Music for three years now.

    I won’t compete with my abysmal Japanese skills, but look forward for the winner and more importantly acclaim this idea.

    CFM with it’s aim for the western market and Miku+Kaito English should improve Piapro to allow the subbing community to contribute directly with the authors and help them not only release subbed works but also work on english lyrics. Think about all the amazing songs that could do great in the US market if only they were in english…

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