SEGA Announces Two New Project DIVA Games

Being right on time, SEGA has now updated their website for NEXT HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA (working title) for the 1:00PM April 12 scheduled unveiling. The latest addition to the Project DIVA series will feature both a PlayStation Vita release projected for summer of 2012 and a PlayStation3 release projected for 2013. The Vita release will add scratch input and “technical zones” as new gameplay features. An updated promotional video with some gameplay footage has been uploaded as well. Lastly, there will be a playable demo at the Nico Nico Super Kaigi event happening on April 28-29.

According to the website, The models for the Vita release have been redone, including previous costumes as well. The site touts that they used up every ounce of computing power on the platform to bring new effects such as lighting and smoke. In addition to the standard button pressing in sync with the singing (“as if you were singing”), they’ve also utilised the multi-touch pad on the Vita to add “scratch” input as well. In the game, star sprites (as opposed to the normal arrows and PlayStation buttons) are used to indicate scratches, and at the correct timing, the player should scratch across the touch panel or the back touch panel (can be turned off). In addition, a new gameplay mechanic, called “Technical Zone”, lets the player score extra points for having a full combo through a certain segment of a song and is required for high score ranks. Lastly, the four difficulty levels have been slightly adjusted compared to previous games.

As of now, two songs have been announced — doriko’s Cat Food and wowaka’s World’s End Dance Hall. A Miku outfit designed by nezuki for Cat Food and Miku/Luka outfits designed by bob for World’s End Dance Hall have also been shown on the website. The Cat Food outfit titled “Pierretta”, in which Miku peers at you from inside a cat-ear hood, was designed with the image of a circus clown in mind to match the image of the music video. The World’s End Dance Hall outfits, titled “Hatsune Miku Emerald” and “Megurine Luka Ruby”, are China dresses designed to match the oriental feel of the decorations in the background. Cat Food had previously been featured in a teaser video uploaded on Nico Nico Douga on Christmas Eve.

More screenshots can be found on the official blog. Details about this game had been leekleaked a day ago from pre-release magazine scans of Weekly Famitsu scheduled to come out today, and there were also false rumors spread on 2ch a few days ago about SEGA applying for trademark registration for the titles “初音ミク virtual LIVE featuring maimai” and “初音ミク -Project DIVA- complete HD”.

12 thoughts on “SEGA Announces Two New Project DIVA Games”

  1.  awesome 😀 ive seriously been thinking about getting a vita, but the only thing that was holding me back was pd 2
    well vita here i come! :DD

    1.  Oops, I misread a bit.  The costumes are tailored for the background and decorations in the PV, not the original song.

    2. 世界結束舞廳 would be the Chinese for  “World’s End Dance Hall”, but it should be pretty understandable by most Japanese people.
      Of course Chinese would use simplified characters (e.g. 厅 instead of 廳 and it’s 25 strokes ^^) I guess that by placating kanji everywhere in the PV and removing all the kana the authors are just giving an outlandish vibe while keeping it readable for Japanese spectators, a bit like some authors in the west are using faux latin.

      Edit: .. or the setting could also be downtown Hong Kong or Taipei, well in any case it’s chinese 😀

  2. Konbawa minna , as a miku fan im crazy about her i just heard the news for the new game coming up and im rageing behind the screen thinking how to get it and play cuz I only have PC + a psp from time to time….. so any ideea how to get it?

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