UCSD Documentary Looking for Mikunopolis Attendees

According to a thread on Facebook, a documentary project about Hatsune Miku is looking to interview attendees of Mikunopolis, the VOCALOID concert at Anime Expo last year. People who only watched the stream on Nico Nico are welcome as well. The project, a documentary exploring various aspects of the “Hatsune Miku Experience”, is headed by Tara Knight of the University of California, San Diego. Interested persons are invited to contact her student assistant Ayesha Mazumdar via email (ayeshaucsd at gmail.com). We received an email from Professor Knight herself with more details about the project as well.

In her email, Professor Knight wrote the following:

“A little bit more about the project: I’m a filmmaker, animator, and projection designer for live performances. So I’m coming at the documentary from the point of view of a fellow artist, not necessarily an ‘informational’ documentary like ’60 Minutes’ or programs like that. My documentary will be a series of short films distributed online, and they will be my contribution to the larger Miku community about that community.
The films explore ideas about ephemerality, collaboration, creating community through music, and engineers-as-artists found in the Hatsune Miku Experience. I’m interested in exploring Hatsune Miku as an icon of self-expression.”

She also mentioned in her email that people interviewed can choose to use their real name, a handle or remain fully anonymous when shown in the documentary. However, she is required to use legal names in the interview release forms.

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