Fan-made VOCALOID Concert at Tora-con

Re:VB, creator of MikuMikuDance-compatible real-time rendering software AniMiku, held a VOCALOID performance yesterday at Rochester Institute of Technology’s anime convention Tora-Con. Previously, this software was also used by Vocalekt Visions for their performances in California and the Miku-UK team plans on using this as well. Due to unexpectedly large turnout, the performance ran twice in order to allow all the audience to watch from either the live room or the overflow room in one of the runs without breaking fire codes. The two identical sets each consisted of seven songs and an encore and were broadcast live on Ustream. A recording is available from Ustream and will be uploaded to YouTube in the near future. The stream at one point reached over 200 simultaneous viewers and there were several Japanese fans who were also watching the stream and commenting on Twitter.

UPDATE: Footage uploaded to YouTube.

The performance consisted of a single projector and a very large fly screen to act as a diffuser, creating the illusion of a 2D image in space. Unlike the previous big-name concerts from SEGA and the Mikupa team, there was no backing band performing with the virtual character(s). Except for the sound-only performance of the first song, AniMiku was used to render the MikuMikuDance models and movements in real-time, in sync with the music. In addition to collaborating with Vocalekt Visions for music, the performance promoted Crypton’s VOCALOID social networking site MIKUBOOK as one of the sponsors, which donated many MIKUBOOK stickers for the attendees. Most of the dance moves were fan-made by people working with Re:VB, but PoPiPo mimicked the Project DIVA movements and the other LamazeP song used motion files released publicly on Nico Nico Douga. The entire set list is as follows:

  1. UtataP – Project Diva desu. DX (Nico)
  2. Vocalekt Visions – Overseas Travels (YouTube)
  3. Vocalekt Visions – Tornado (YouTube)
  4. Vocalekt Visions – Lemon Ice Bar (YouTube)
  5. LamazeP – PoPiPo (Nico)
  6. Koda-P – Headline Love (YouTube)
  7. LamazeP – WAVEFILE (Nico)
  8. (encore) Vocalekt Visions – Summer Festival (YouTube)

4 thoughts on “Fan-made VOCALOID Concert at Tora-con”

  1. It was a nice concert and I’m glad there was a lot of attendance.

    Thanks for the set list, but one nitpicking though: Lamaze only use ゴジマジP to sign his UTAU productions (e.g. Ochame Kinou with Teto). All his Vocaloid works are signed ラマーズP, that include Wavefile of course.

    1. I think his thoughts about separating the two aliases came at a later date than when he first attained the monicker “GojimajiP”, but I can’t figure out if WAVEFILE came first.  For example, sm7468265 was definitely uploaded as GojimajiP, but it’s also more than a year before WAVEFILE.  I think a lot of fans attributed WAVEFILE to GojimajiP when it first came out, but it’s tagged LamazeP now on Nico, even though it’s still GojimajiP on the Hatsune Miku wiki.

      EDIT: Okay, found a date for that comment. It came just 2 days before WAVEFILE came out, so let me go correct the article. He basically said that he wanted to move GojimajiP more in the direction of UTAU stuff.

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