Android App Lets Lat Miku Dance on Your Palm

MASATAKA, creator of many MikuMikuDance PVs for VOCALOID songs, has announced the availability of the Lat-style Miku add-on for Tenorin. Developed by Japanese telecom giant KDDI, Tenorin is an augmented reality Android app available for free that allows the user to have a small 3D character model dance on the palm of his/her hand when viewed through the device’s screen. To have Miku dance, the Miku model needs to be downloaded within the app after installation, and interested fans can download the MMD model from the Tenorin site. The outfit design was the winner of a previous contest in collaboration with PIAPRO.

21 thoughts on “Android App Lets Lat Miku Dance on Your Palm”

  1. It’s pretty cute once I finally got my palm to be recognized … Sheesh.  There’s another AR app on Google Play called TinyAR.  It doesn’t rely on image recognition, instead using the phone’s accelerometer sensors to determine the proper angles to present the 3D model.  Perhaps a combination of both would have been better for Tenori.

    1. Good point, and TinyAR also run with Android platforms without a SIMM. I installed Tenori on my tablet (Asus) and it refuses to start because the app do not detect a SIMM…

      1. Wait, mobile phones take Single Inline Memory Modules? :p
        It is weird that it requires a SIM card, though.  Do you get a particular error message and can you take a screenshot of it?

        1. SIMM is for Subscriber Identity Miku Module XD.
          LOL those acronyms. OK I’ll re-install it and post a screen capture 🙂 I did not bother to report this constraint to the authors yet.

    2.  Combining the two information feeds would be useful, but deciding how to combine them can be a bit tricky.  The image feed will theoretically give you the relative orientation and position of the camera and the palm, whereas the accelerometer would only give you the orientation of the camera.  Therefore, if the camera is not tilting (although it could be moving) but the target hand moves, then the accelerometer information isn’t as useful.  I think the idea here is that she’ll dance on your hand even if you move your palm around, so while the accelerometer would give some information that could be useful in the presence of certain “slow-movement” priors, it might not be as useful as you think.

      1. The way I understand this, the palm acts just like how those reference cards work for the 3DS in some of those AR capable games such as Project Mirai, but because the palm doesn’t have nice little consistent markers for image recognition software, it ends up being a lot of guessing if you don’t have your palm just right.  Also, as it currently is implemented, I can lay on my back, stick my palm out and the model will dance on my palm while essentially sideways and almost upside down if I tilt my palm toward me.  That doesn’t seem very “augmented reality” to me.

        I think the image (palm) should only provide the origin and scale reference for the model.  The accelerometers should determine the proper angles for the model to be placed at the origin.  Move the origin around and the model moves accordingly.  Change the angle of the camera, the accelerometers detect the motion changes and rotates the model accordingly..  The result is a model always placed at an angle parallel to the floor but can move around  with the origin (the palm).

        1. Well, that’s assuming you always want her to be as if she were standing on a plane parallel to the ground (i.e. perpendicular to gravity).  I think this app will theoretically allow you to tilt your hand so that she’s still “standing” on it, e.g. if your palm is oriented to the right instead of up.  However, I don’t have something that runs this app, so I can’t test it out.

          EDIT: Oh wait, you complained about that lol Just think of her as having magnetic boots or something and that the small amount of iron in your blood is enough to have her cling to it. What would be hilarious is if it can detect that and have her fall off. I think *that* would be a great use of the accelerometer. XD;

          1. ROFL yes it would be a good use of the sensors 😀  There is so much potential to this type of AR technology.  Could even have the model “inteligently” detect sloping angles and stand to try to keep their balance.

    1. ハピハピ☆オレンジ (Happy Happy Orange) But I can’t find it anywhere else which makes me think that it was made specifically for this.

  2. Hola buen dia oigan una pregunta acabo de adquirir un telefono LG E510f y me encontre con la aplicacion, la descargue y me dice q se instalo correctamente pero al abrirlo me manda un mensaje de que hubo un error y la aplicacion se cerro inesperadamente, me gusta mucho hatsune miku y la aplicacion me encanto pero no puedo arreglar ese detalle, si alguien sabe como hacerlo les agradeceria su ayuda, les dejo mi correo por cualquier comentario GRACIAS n_n… [email protected]

    1.  I’m not sure the exact reason for the app crashing on you, but it could be that the LG E510f isn’t able to run the app due to not having high enough specs or it could be that your firmware is too old (or both).  Since there are so many Android devices out there, it’s not really possible for the developers to test every single one.  Do you have a picture of the error message that popped up?

  3. Waaahhhh! This is so cute! I don’t own an Android Phone (WP7 User) so I can’t try this out. I hope AR type apps will be available too in Windows Phone 7 🙂

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