IA, Yukari and Lapis Added to VOCALOID3 Contest

VOCALOID3 voice banks IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-, Aoki Lapis and Yuzuki Yukari are now eligible for the VOCALOID3 Release Commemoration Contest. Users of Aoki Lapis will be eligible for a chance to win the i-style Project prize, which is an Aoki Lapis silver ring and Cubase. Furthermore, a few more prizes have been added and apply to all eligible soundbanks: a PV award of a Wacom Intuos5 Pen & Touch Medium with wireless kit (model no. PTH-650/K0) provided by VocaloPlus for 2 winners, a rookie award which lets one winner have an interview posted on Gekkayo as well as sheet music (as long as they haven’t been on Gekkayo before), and a Lawson award which will have the winning entry played in Lawson convenience stores for a month. Furthermore, 1st PLACE is holding a competition where winners can have their songs featured in the upcoming IA/02 CD, and IA songs entered into YAMAHA’s competition will automatically be entered into this competition.

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