Windows Developer Days Screens MMD Video

At its professional event for promoting Windows 8, Microsoft screened an opening video produced by MASATAKA and ELECTROCUTICA (Treow) called “Through the Window”. The video, which ran during Windows Developer Days‘ second day keynote session (“A new ecosystem for the smart devices era, created using Windows 8 and the cloud”), features “8” and the character Claudia Madobe, who represents Microsoft’s cloud services. Nanami Madobe (the Windows 7 mascot) and a secret silhouetted character also made cameos. According to a series of tweets from MASATAKA, the actual session at the conference introduced VOCALOID, MikuMikuDance, and also the use of Kinect with MikuMikuDance, including a demonstration in MMD of operating the Cloudia character with the Kinect. Another tweet summarized the VOCALOID-related topics of the session: MMDPV, Cubase, MMD, Kinect, VOCALOID3, an announcement for a Metro version of VOCALOID3, integration for Net VocaListener (online service using VocaListener) and VOCALOID STORE, and support for publishing videos.

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    1. What’s your source for that?  My guess was VY1, but a consensus hasn’t been made on the Nico video yet…

      1. The animation contained an original character of Windows, so it would be wise to use a voicebank that didn’t have a set image already like Miku. Plus, it sounded like VY1 to me. And I saw the tags on nico with “VY1” although someone got rid of the tag from what I just checked…o_o

          1. As a user of VY1, I’m extremely sure it’s her, but of course I could be wrong…

    2.  It DOES sound like VY1, but without confirmation it could just as easily be CUL, IA, or even Mew.

    3. I know my VOCALOIDs, this is definitely VY1, I was actually discussing this yesterday in VO with someone~

  1. VY1 not having a character, using it would make sense if the purpose is to associate the voice to their mascot. But without confirmation I agree it could be some other voicebank (no really that connoisseur of VY1 to confirm by ear). Also does anyone has an idea who’s the character introduced at 1:21 ?
    In any case, glad to see that Vocaloid can also promote talented individuals like Masataka and Treow outside of the doujin ongaku .

    1. The one with blue hair at 1:21?  That’s Madobe Nanami, the Windows 7 OS-tan.  She’s mentioned in the article.  No idea who the silhouetted character is, though.

      1. Oh Right Claudia & Nanami, did not get that. So Claudia is the blonde one, for the Cloud service (sooo clever … Claudia/Cloud -_-)

        Oh and for the silhouetted character I know who it is:


        Clippy XD

  2. They’re talking about NetVocalistener….when Vocalistener itself hasn’t even been released yet? Ugh!!

  3. great song. and i’d like the claudia and nanami models (i have a couple nanami ones but these ones are really smooth). but i’m wary of how close the characters are getting to the company. the OS-tans were purely a fanmade thing until Aizawa Hikaru (aka Silverlight-tan) came out, and while they haven’t really screwed it up yet, i’m still distrusting. (despite what everyone thinks, Madobe Nanami wasn’t made by or paid for by Microsoft, meaning she’s technically fan-made.) i’m crossing my fingers, but the latest girl from Microsoft (a girl for Licensing) is cute but a little uninspired. i’m hoping the OS-tans they produce won’t go the same way. but i doubt the community (including the site i represent) would let it be a total flop. and if it was, we’d remake it. >w<

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