Chinese Animation Company Announces VOCALOID CHINA Animation

Seven Stone Studio announced a few days ago on its website that its third animation project will be titled “VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT” and posted a teaser design as well where Luo Tianyi is singing vocals and the other characters are playing backing instrumentals. A promotional video is expected to air on May 15 at Shanghai’s Comic Fantasia 03, with the actual animation following subsequently. Seven Stone Studio previously worked on an animation called Kamon and had exhibited at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012.

5 thoughts on “Chinese Animation Company Announces VOCALOID CHINA Animation”

  1. Awesome, I can’t wait to see, I’m so glad they’re going to incorporate her friends in the performance. <3

  2. I foresee a Vocaloid K-ON! China isn’t known for their original ideas.

    But seriously, doesn’t this run the risk of canonizing the Vocaloids? All of the other companies want the user to be able to set character traits for the vocaloid as they use it. Which is why they don’t establish back stories or personalities. If the company animates them, they will have to establish these traits for the character. This could limit creativity.

    1. I think Crypton is the only company I’ve heard directly say they wish to let the users have more free rein (e.g. with regards to Kagamine Rin/Len).  Have other companies said that as well directly?  Furthermore, the Chinese VOCALOIDs already have some pretty established background, so the animation itself isn’t going to change much.

      1. Crypton definitely said that about the twins especially in regards to how they are viewed. But, I do believe that it has been their stand regarding all their vocaloids and is why the only provide physical descriptions and no backgrounds or personalities. Now, as for the other companies? I can’t speak to their intentions but, with the lack of any established trait for their vocaloids as well, I’d say its safe to say that they are leaning the same direction.

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