PSV Project DIVA Release Date Set

SEGA has now announced the release date and pricing for the PlayStation Vita version of their upcoming game in the Project DIVA series, NEXT HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA. The game will be available on August 30, 2012 at a price point of 7329 JPY (tax included) for the PlayStation Vita Card version and 6600 JPY (tax included) for the download version. This agrees with earlier rumors on 2ch about the release date. Preorders will receive a special Miku-themed designer protective film for the Vita, and a sample image had been included in the announcement blog post. The blog post also mentioned that both this release and the earlier Project mirai (released on March 8, 2012) have release dates one day before an important Miku-related date and that this was expected because games like these generally come out on Thursdays; both of the symbolic Miku dates this year are on Fridays. The end of the post teases at an upcoming announcement after golden week, one that would shock even Miku and Luka (and this was accompanied with a screenshot from the World’s End Dance Hall in-game footage with Miku and Luka both looking shocked). A subsequent post notes that the updated Chance Time system will change the animation if a star gauge is filled during Chance Time and topped off with a scratch. In the case of WEDH, more back dancers appear. Furthermore, an updated score screen shows a performance graph as a function of time in the song, very much like Beatmania.

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    1. The Vita is not expensive.  It’s the same dollar price that the PSP was when it launched.  Which, thanks to inflation, means it’s actually cheaper.  It’s quite a bargain considering all the power under the hood.

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