Street Date Announced for Daikanshasai Concert BluRay

A new entry on the SEGA Miku blog has revealed that BluRays of the two concerts will be available starting on August 29, 2012. A BluRay for either concert comes in at 6300 JPY (tax included) whereas a DVD would be 5250 JPY (tax included). A 4-CD set of the concert music will also be available at 3990 JPY (tax included). Lastly, a limited edition set of footage for both concerts and the CDs comes in at 15540 JPY (tax included) for the BluRay and 13440 JPY (tax included) for the DVD. The set also includes a special features disc that includes footage on the making of the concert as well as a digest of the opening acts. The BluRay releases will include multi-angle footage of some of the songs and all of the BluRay and DVD releases include captions for the lyrics as well as a separate caption track for juicy secret tidbits about the concert. A booklet of the song lyrics will be included with all releases. There will also be a “production diary” feature aired on Tokyo MX on May 19 with sneak peeks at the footage as well as interviews.

9 thoughts on “Street Date Announced for Daikanshasai Concert BluRay”

    1. How does it work practically ? You can change dynamically the viewing angle while watching using your remote ?
      Sorry no idea of the features of BR, I’m just ripping the stuff direct before I watch it on my computers/tablet.

  1. In other news August is Xmas for Vocaloid fans …
    29 -> Daikanshasai BR release
    30 -> Next PJD release
    31 -> Miku Birthday with awesome new albums on KarenT as usual

    Well, we just need now CFM to at last anounce the release of Miku & Kaito English and we’ll officially be broke by September 😀

    1.  I added links to Amazon, CDJapan and AmiAmi, all of which ship overseas.  However, each of them will have different pricing (discounts) and possibly different retailer-specific preorder bonuses, as was the case for the first MikuPa DVD/BluRay set.

    1. They just say captions, which in context would mean Japanese captions.  Generally they’d specifically say “English” if they meant English ones.

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