New VOCALOID3 galaco Announced and Lapis’s Sister Gets a Name

At Nico Nico Chokaigi 2012‘s “VOCALOID NEWS” event, representatives of i-style Project announced the name メルリ(merli) as the winner of the naming contest for Aoki Lapis’s elder sister. They will be auditioning for someone to voice the new sound bank soon. YAMAHA also promoted its VOCALOID3 music contest and revealed that the mystery VOCALOID3 sound bank awarded to all participants who receive 1000 or more views on their submissions is none other than galaco(ギャラ子). YAMAHA has posted higher quality images of the design as well. She first appeared in the music video galaxias! by an artist unit of the same name, composed of singer Shibasaki Kou and musicians DECO*27 and TeddyLoid. So far, it appears that this sound bank is only available to contestants who qualify, as there are no plans to sell this as a product.

According to the presentation slide, galaco began with an idea Shibasaki Kou had, and KEI drew the original artwork for the character. Currently, INTERNET’s Murakami Noboru is in charge of producing this sound bank, and the two other members of galaxias, DECO*27 and TeddyLoid have planned demo songs with galaco as well. Overall planning is being handled by YAMAHA and STARDUST MUSIC, INC., which is a sibling company to talent agency STARDUST PROMOTION (which handles artists such as Megumi Nakajima and Shibasaki Kou).

Depictions of galaco also showed up in VOCALOID merchandise on the VOCALOID STORE, although all instances of her appearing with the other VOCALOID characters were covered up or mosaicked out. However, two hidden accessory items featuring galaco on the store were publicly accessible if one knew the correct URL.

Of course, these two items weren’t the only things on the agenda at the event:

  • YAMAHA’s Kenmochi talked about the “VOCALOID LEGENDS(working title)” lineup, including “Uekiloid”, based on the voice of Ueki Hitoshi (1957-2007).
  • Tone Rion has started working her shifts at Dear Stage and there’s also a picture+music book out for her, including her demo songs.
  • A “boy” VOCALOID sound bank, which has entered the voice recording phase, has an optimistic projected release date of summer 2012.
  • The JobPlugin version of VocaListener has entered the beta phase. A demo song using Aoki Lapis has been uploaded to Nico Nico Douga as well as a demo song using Yuzuki Yukari.
  • SeeU made an appearance, and SBS Artech also promoted the VOCALOID3 song contest as well as an upcoming compilation album slated for summer.
  • INTERNET’s Murakami Noboru talked about a slew of currently available products such as Lily, GUMI, a VOCALOID3 Megpoid + Singer Songwriter starter pack, and CUL.
  • He also talked about a freely available VST plugin “FormantShift” that allows real-time adjustment of the location of formants in audio, much like the “Gender Factor” control in VOCALOID. A paid version that includes pitch correction is also in development.
  • A demo song using VOCALOID3 Gackpoid was also played during the event.
  • More exVOICE updates for Yuzuki Yukari are coming, and customers can download these.
  • 1st PLACE used VOICEROID Yoshida-kun to deliver a message again, this time promoting the compilation album IA/01. The limited edition will include various “source” files like .vsqx files as well guitar/bass/drum stems for the songs and images/storyboard/scripts used to produce the two promotional music videos.
  • Akikoloid, Mie no Hito and EHAMIC made an appearance promoting Akikoloid-related products.
  • Various VOCALOID character merchandise were paraded around by cosplayers.

36 thoughts on “New VOCALOID3 galaco Announced and Lapis’s Sister Gets a Name”

  1. Two female Vocaloids on their way…. *sigh* BUT-
    * A “boy” VOCALOID has a planned release date of summer 2012.
    * SeeU made an appearance, and SBS Artech also promoted the VOCALOID3 song contest.
    These two news made me happy :))))

  2. this means there will be another presentation. CFM stuff and possibly other companies  will most likely do presentations also. i am pretty sure cfm will because it was in the description of the vocaloid news event.

  3. Why make a vocaloid out of a character from a music video? I don’t want to sound rude, but doesn’t that seem a bit pushy? I don’t know, I’m probably being bitter like an old man now…
    “Back in my day, we only had 24 voicebanks…24!”

    1. Not the first case: Ring, Lui and CUL were characters before being a Voicebank.
      Though you’re raising an interesting point. At first the companies were doing a Voicebank and then adding a character (or not, like Yamaha). Now it looks like the trend is to engage the community by first drawing the characters and then finally doing the VB.

    2. If I’m not mistaken, Lily was originally an avatar to represent Yuri Masuda from anim.o.v.e in a music video as well. This may not be entirely accurate, but it is something along those lines. Yuri is also Lily’s voice provider. The character of Lily existed before she was a Vocaloid.

    1. No, we need MORE male vocaloids. All these female voicebanks are getting ridiculous. And honestly, Len is probably “enough” for everyone

    2. I agree… I’d like a Voicebank on the same caliber as Big-Al to be released, but with a sound that could contrast with Gackpoid. That would be amazing~
      And Overall more male Vocaloids should be released… All the new V3 Girls are annoying… Although I don’t mind SeeU, Tone Rion and Aoki.

      1. We should get a male voicebank designed for rock so then it could reach high notes for screaming and low notes for chorus.

        1. Ah, just like Gakupo, Kiyoteru, and VY2  Perhaps they can’t scream out of the box, but creative post processing can take care of that.

    3.  Totally! We deserve more male vocaloids!
      We only have v3 japanese girls! (and the announce of lui who looks like a girls and doesn’t have any demo)

      This looks like an ecchi anime o fanservice shoujo! -.-
      The new voices are really similar!,all of them are teenage girls! They are not even really popular,… I mean. they have a lot of competition!.
      Male voices almost have no competition, I hope CV04 to be realesed soon! T_T, we have at least 15 teenage girls vocaloids but not only one teenage boy vocaloid!. -.-
      He would be really popular if he has a nice manly voice and a manly design, even for duets, he could be so great! T_T

        1. Bruno? Oh, please, he is not really in the “teenage” list,just like Clara.
          And they  doesn’t have any specific age.

          Wake up!: all the japanese v3 vocaloids are teeage girls, all of them.


          1. Not entirely, there is planning for CV04, V3VY2, Hibiki Lui, the new boy VOCALOID, Camui Gackpo Extend (and probably native), Ryuto V3. And although they’re not Japanese, Zhiyu Moke & Yuezheng Longya might get a voicebank themselves if Luo Tianyi is popular, and if rumours serve right Luo Tianyi might get a Japanese voicebank so we can probably assume that Moke and Longya might get some. Also for people that don’t consider Hibiki Lui a boy, if you do that then you might as well forget about EVERY young VOCALOID, including the girls. I mean who cares about how he looks, he’s a boy, and apparently I was the only one who was able to tell he was a boy at first glance.

    4.  .___. Now its one thing to want more men because its your personal
      tastes but then there are Leon, Big Al, Tonio, Kaito, Gackpo, Kiyoteru,
      Piko and VY1 compaired to Len Gachapoid (who… really doesn’t sound
      like a little boy…) and Oliver.. that argument is ridiculous. With
      good tuning they can all sound manly.

      And there may be controversy over Piko being in the “men” list, but if
      one has actually paid attention what can be done with his voice, I have
      been pretty convinced with some Femme Piko’s and some Deep male Piko’s
      but I’ve never heard one where he sounded like a “boy”.

        1. When the VY series was first being introduced the intention was that the bank could be used however the producer wanted without constraints of Gender.
          However, I did mean to type VY2.

  4. Interesting.  Another Vocaloid feather in Internet Co.’s hat.  They seem to be on a roll lately.  Can’t let their rival CFM steal all the glory.

  5. “The limited edition will include various “source” files like .vsqx files as well guitar/bass/drum stems for the songs and images/storyboard/scripts used to produce the two promotional music videos.”
    THIS !
    Really that’s pushing the CGM concept to it’s full potential. I’m really pleased of this initiative, even if I’m aware that many producers are also releasing their vsq. Why just put the soundtrack and not the whole stuff on the album releases ? They could sell it like a track and people interested would buy it (and probably fiddle with over voicebanks, which would be good).

    For those wondering (like I did) why Galako is romanized from ギャラ子 instead of  ガラ子, it’s just that in Japanese the word galaxy can be written ギャラクシー (and also 星雲 but that’s not the point ^^)

    BTW a YT link for galaxias.

  6. -squeals like a little girl- Galaco’s design is finally out, I adore her so much, almost as much as the Vocaloidols, also a new male VOCALOID. -faints of all the awesome-

  7. ”A “boy” VOCALOID sound bank, which has entered the voice recording

    Could it be Lui Hibiki ? :O

  8. Honestly, I am pretty okay with Galaco being private voiceban. I hate the concept of private voicebanks, but… Galaco is seriously the first Vocaloid I dislike so far (design-wise, let’s wait for the voice). I don’t even dislike Rion or Iroha that much.

    Also more male voices please? ;w;

  9. I predicted it would be the girl from galaxias!
    That’s awesome. I wonder what her voice will be like.

    1.  A mi tambien 😀 , merecemos algun buen vocaloid hombre, ojala que se den mas noticias sore el pronto y que no sea el un afeminado como otros anteriores. u_u

  10. I really don’t like her. :/
    I mean, she is just a fanservice design, she still doesn’t even have a voice! They are announcing more and more of this girls without any demo song!

    I’m tired of all this teenage girls! -.-
    We need and deserve a good male MANLY vocaloid!, they almost have no competence, there is a LOT of 16 years old teenage girls vocaloids but there is not only one teenage boy vocaloid!
    We only have a few boys (most of them little shota or girly boys).

    I’m sorry, but I’m sure that I will dislike this new female vocaloid!.

  11. Oh, she looks like a totally not orignal princess, another stupid princess sorry.
    (I can only  talk about her -stupid- deisgn because she doesnt have a voice yet), Im tired af all this shoujo voiceless deisgns)
    She is only a blond girl with a crown.

  12. I’de kill to have a visual Kei guy as a V3, with the elaborate costume/makeup/hair and a sexy-ass voice like Gakupo. C’mon! too many moe-esque girls!!! XD

  13. So does anyone know who is developing the said boy vocal? Will it be a Japanese vocal or one in another language? Or did they just say boy vocal is being developed?

  14. *le sigh* I love my dude Vocaloids as much as the next person, but the releases of new VOCALOID voice banks is based on supply and demand. Remember, VOCALOID is not a toy- it’s an instrument. The success and demand for a certain type of voice is what determines future voice banks. Alas, male VOCALOIDs don’t sell as well as female ones… All those young female voices as of late are the kind of thing a lot of producers want recently, soooo… Can you see where I’m going with this? Blame the music industry, not VOCALOID. (I could also care less about designs- it’s about the voice!- but I want to steal galaco’s dress. XD)

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