NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN Runs Segment on Hatsune Miku

This past Saturday, NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN ran a twenty minute English segment on Hatsune Miku as part of their Japanese Pop Culture Magazine series of programs. This program, like others, are broadcast over the airwaves, and they are relayed by stations outside of Japan as well. Furthermore, recent broadcasts can also be streamed from the official website. This segment introduced Hatsune Miku and talked to Crypton CEO Hiroyuki Itoh, HachiojiP, and WakamuraP to describe various aspects of the virtual idol and the phenomenon surrounding her. The radio show also played segments of World is Mine (to introduce the virtual diva) and Hajimete no Oto (to demonstrate her natural singing) from the concerts, as well as electric love (after talking to HachiojiP), Tell Your World (as an example of collaborations with other companies) and Kagerou Days (to close the show with the latest hit song).

7 thoughts on “NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN Runs Segment on Hatsune Miku”

  1. That was an interesting program, I was amazed to discover that Miku is the most well known japanese singer in the USA. Also interesting is that Itoh’s business is definitively the Japanese market and not the Western market. Obviously he thinks he’ll have more sales of Miku english in Japan than abroad (which is not that surprising).

    And for those who did not get it, HachiojiP is also known as 8#Prince in the west, his most famous song is “Sweet Devil” (with a PV also made by WakamuraP)

    1. Really?  Sweet Devil is more famous than electric love outside of Japan?  Didn’t know that… ^^;

      1. I wasn’t specifically implying in the West regarding the fame of Sweet Devil compared to Electric Love, but yes that’s the case. Twice the number of hits on YT, and the same on NND (be sure to check for Wakamura’s PV, original songs on 8#Prince’s Mylist have rougthly same number of views)(Sorry if repost, not sure if my last one went awry or got stuck in some validation queue).

        1. Interesting… I had always regarded electric love as the iconic 8#Prince song and hadn’t even heard of Sweet Devil until I checked out WakamuraP’s first DVD ^^;  I wonder if this is why in Japan, his release was titled electric love whereas in Taiwan, he used Sweet Devil.

  2. I wish they’d use “Freely Tomorrow” on some of these shows about Miku. Even if it’s tuned to hell. xD

    1. I believe NHK world did use it once on TV with an MMD video by WakamuraP or Masataka, with LAT Type Miku Dancing in the NHK World Studio.

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