VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT Posts Promotional Video 30sec Preview

VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT has now added a 30 second preview of its fully-animated promotional video, featuring Luo Tianyi in a slightly different costume from her standard design. Production was handled by Seven Stone Studio and it will be shown on May 13 at CF03 according to a post on the animation studio’s website. The post also states that this promotional animation project is a legitimate collaboration with VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT.

12 thoughts on “VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT Posts Promotional Video 30sec Preview”

  1. So what ? A nice PV intro but NO song ? Damn what’s this new trend with all the new characters and no voice ? One would start to think that they’re not promoting a Vocaloid but some anime character… BTW, I can’t recall but do we have some demo of Tianyi’s voicebank yet ?

    1. Hopefully companies will realize that the voice is more important than the design. I’d rather hear a demo then see the design for a new vocaloid.

        1. I don’t know… I can count on one hand the people I’ve seen say they actually liked GUMI’s design, either original and/or the V3 version, and yet she’s still arguably the second most popular JP Vocaloid at the moment. So for the most part, voice is still a much bigger factor in liking a vocaloid, IMO.

  2. Decent animation.  She’s still a cute character.  But I have to echo Samuel’s disappointment,  where’s the singing voice?   Isn’t Tianyi being released in June?  That’s like NEXT month and we still haven’t heard any new demos since, what was it, Janurary I think.  Is she even ready?

    1. This is just the preview to the full PV, so it would make sense that they didn’t include any music. They want to build suspense.
      After Comic Fantasia they will probably upload the PV and that will serve as the first official demo.

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